It's been long-awaited but Secret Invasion, which delves into the life of MCU veteran Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), is finally here.

Episode 1 of the Disney Plus series proved explosive (figuratively and literally) as we met an imposter taking the form of Martin Freeman's Everett Ross, reunited with Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), met the villainous Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir), and witnessed the shock death of an MCU legend - Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders).

Elsewhere, we saw a new role for Don Cheadle's James Rhodes, and were introduced to MCU newcomers on the cast, Olivia Colman's Sonya Falsworth and Emilia Clarke's G'iah.

Here's the full breakdown on what happened in Secret Invasion episode 1 - and that shocking ending.

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Who killed Maria Hill in Secret Invasion?

Episode 1 of Secret Invasion saw a sweet reunion between Fury and Hill, the former deputy director and commander of SHIELD - basically Fury's right-hand woman. After signs of war break out on Earth, she calls him back down from his space station on the request of Talos - but she's not convinced he's ready for the fight any more.

Smulders explained at a recent press conference: "I think the relationship is quite strained because [Hill has] been calling, and [Fury] hasn't been answering."

As it turns out, the threat has come from a rebel band of Skrulls. If you cast your mind back to Captain Marvel, you'll remember that Fury promised to help find the Skrulls a new home. Years later, that promise has not been fulfilled.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion, wearing a beanie and a long black coat
Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion. Des Willie/Marvel

What's worse is that Fury completely abandoned Earth to head to his space station - so in the Skrulls' eyes, he's completely neglected his promise to them.

Episode 1 sees Fury, Hill and Talos racing to Moscow to attempt to stop Gravik waging war between the USA and Russia, as he hopes to take Earth as a new home for the Skrulls - and effectively wipe out the human race in the process.

Despite help from Talos' daughter, G'iah (Clarke), they're unable to stop Gravik, who sets off bombs in the centre of Moscow.

Hill survives the explosions but, when she makes her way back to Fury, it appears he shoots his old friend. When we see another Fury stumbling through the crowd, it's revealed that Gravik had taken Fury's form and killed Hill.

Gravik escapes with G'iah, while Fury is left broken, witnessing Hill's final moments.

As Hill tells him: "It was you," he responds, "Not me," and were left the with a shot of Hill's dead body amid the rubble.

Why did the Skrulls invade Earth?

Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik in Secret Invasion, sitting in a dimly-lit room
Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik in Secret Invasion. Gareth Gatrell/Marvel

Following Fury's promise to the Skrulls in Captain Marvel, it's established that the they are after something very simple - a home. But they have very different ways of going about it.

Gravik, Talos establishes in episode 1, did not take Fury's departure from Earth well. He is determined to make a home for the Skrulls on Earth and creates a sanctuary for the them, "New Skrullos".

His plan becomes clearer as the series continues but, on the face of it, he's ready to wipe out the human race to make way for the Skrulls - and it seems he has the means to do so.

Ben-Adir recently told Collider about Gravik: "I think as foul a feeling as he has about himself and what he's been through, he needs Nick and Talos to feel, too. And actually, I think the first couple of episodes, now that I think about it and now that I've seen it, and it was definitely evident in reading the script, is that it is about wanting them to experience the pain that he feels they're partly responsible for at least.

"And that kind of carries through. He's not just trying to take over everything. He wants them to see him doing it."

Talos, who has befriended Fury, is keen to stop Gravik - and to urge his daughter back to his side following the death of her mother. But even he doesn't look kindly on Fury's abandonment.

Is there a post-credits scene in Secret Invasion episode 1?

There's no post-credits scene in Secret Invasion episode 1, following that shock ending.

However, that's not to say there won't be for future episodes. After all, while every Marvel film is expected to have at least one post-credits scene, it's more sporadic with the shows, with some episodes including bonus scenes and others not.

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