It's safe to say no one has recovered from the ending of Good Omens season 2, with Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Crowley (David Tennant) being ripped apart from each other.

As we wait for a potential season 3, with creator Neil Gaiman confirming that a third season would be the show's last, fans have been speculating wildly about what might happen next.

For those who need reminding about the heart-wrenching moment, the final episode saw Crowley confess his love for Aziraphale, with the angel taking the Metatron (Sir Derek Jacobi) up on an offer to return to Heaven.

While he hoped to take Crowley with him, the demon refused. The pair unhappily parted ways, with fans left heartbroken.

One theory, dubbed the "coffee theory", suggests Aziraphale wasn't in his right frame of mind when making the decision, though.

During the scene when the Metatron makes his offer to Aziraphale, he hands the angel a coffee - an oat milk latte with almond syrup, to be exact.

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Some fans are convinced they heard the sound effect of a miracle being performed when the Metatron offers Aziraphale the coffee - potentially meaning the Metatron spiked it with something to ensure Aziraphale would agree to his offer and that he would be separated from Crowley.

Fans are divided over the theory - some have argued that the decision to return to Heaven was totally out of character for Aziraphale, while others have pointed out that, considering he thought he could reinstate Crowley and have him come with, it might not be that far from what we know of the angel.

But, in the words of Gaiman, we'll all have to "wait and see" to find out who's right. While season 3 hasn't yet been renewed, fans are hopeful for another run to see out the show.

Producer Sarah-Kate Fenelon recently told RadioTimes.com: "I think people will be very unhappy if that's where it stops, I will say. They'll be heartbroken.

"If you look at the stories, they're getting what they want - but it's not what we want. But the main structure of season 2 is the mystery of Gabriel, and the mystery gets to a conclusion.

"But yes, I will say Neil has written as good a cliffhanger as I've ever seen in television."

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