The Masked Singer season 4 is in full swing, with the panel battling it out to outsmart each other when guessing the hidden identities of this year's The Masked Singer 2023 line-up.


Footballer-turned-pundit Chris Kamara, who had adopted the persona of Ghost during his short stint on the show, was the first celebrity whose identity was revealed, followed by bona fide music legend Lulu, who was unveiled as Piece of Cake in the second week.

On Saturday 14th January, the competition's first double act Cat & Mouse were sent packing – and unveiled as Martin and Shirlie Kemp.

Last night's episode saw another contestant depart from the show after Fawn, Jacket Potato, Rhino, Pigeon and Rubbish competed against each other.

After their performances, the two least-voted characters had to perform again in a bid to stay on the show, but the panel soon came to a decision as who to save and who to eliminate. Read more on this below, but be warned: spoilers follow.

There's plenty more fun to be had this season as much of 2023 line-up remains a closely guarded secret, with Knitting, Jellyfish, Otter, Phoenix still to be revealed.

Expect fans to continue pitching their wildest theories for weeks to come, fuelled by cryptic clues on the show and comments from the judging panel, which includes Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Mo Gilligan and Rita Ora.

So, who left The Masked Singer last night? Here are all the celebrities unmasked so far.

Who left The Masked Singer 2023?

Rubbish - Stephen Hendry

The Masked Singer
Stephen Hendry revealed as Rubbish on The Masked Singer 2023. ITV/ YouTube

Snooker player Stephen Hendry was unmasked as the character Rubbish on the fourth episode of the show (Saturday, 21st January).

The character was sent packing after winding up in the bottom two, but not before they took their mask off to reveal their true identity.

Asked why he decided to take part in the show, the snooker player said: “To try something completely out of my comfort zone. I have had the opportunity to do other shows that would have put me in that same ‘uncomfortable’ position but being completely hidden made it so much easier for me to let loose and get my head around the challenge.

Talking about his mask, he added: “I loved the character. When choosing it, I instinctively thought the design and colours of Rubbish looked like Snooker Balls and so it jumped out at me. It was a really fun character."

He continued: "It reminded me of the colours of a Snooker table and balls so it made sense, but a bonus was that it was restrictive in terms of movement, which meant you couldn’t really dance. Singing and dancing might have been a step too far!"

Cat & Mouse - Martin and Shirlie Kemp

The Masked Singer - Martin and Shirlie Kemp
Martin and Shirlie Kemp revealed as Cat & Mouse on The Masked Singer 2023 ITV

Spandau Ballet bassist Martin Kemp and his wife, Shirlie Holliman, were the third contestants to be revealed on The Masked Singer season 4. They had performed Get Happy by Judy Garland and then, in the final showdown, had sung There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes before being unmasked.

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Asked if their son, Capital Breakfast DJ Roman Kemp, knew that they had taken part, Holliman said: “No, this is going to embarrass him. Most people say they are doing it for their kids.” Kemp also said: “We’re doing it to embarrass them.”

Following their reveal, their son took to Twitter and said: "I just shouted the phrase ‘take it off’ to my parents I cant undo that #MaskedSingerUK", he later posted a screenshot of his mother performing and her previous opinion about fame.

The breakfast show DJ then posted the video where him and his sister found out their parents had in fact not been on a "romantic getaway" and were actually The Masked Singer's Cat & Mouse.

Piece of Cake - Lulu

Lulu revealed as Piece of Cake on The Masked Singer 2023
Lulu revealed as Piece of Cake on The Masked Singer 2023 ITV

Scottish singer Lulu was the second contestant to be revealed on The Masked Singer season 4, who had performed Ed Sheeran's Shiver while disguised as Piece of Cake.

She explained that her dessert-themed costume was inspired by her "sweet" personality, adding that – just like last week's eliminated contestant Chris Kamara – her grandchildren were a driving factor behind taking part in the show.

Ghost - Chris Kamara

Chris Kamara revealed as Ghost on The Masked Singer 2023
Chris Kamara revealed as Ghost on The Masked Singer 2023 ITV

Football pundit and presenter Chris Kamara was the first celebrity to be unmasked on season 4 as the show's Ghost.

Talking about taking part in the contest, Kammy said: “My grandkids, we'll sit around together and they’ll have no idea. They love this show. They just sing ‘take it off’ and grandad’s going to turn around!”

When listing the stars that Kammy’s duetted with, Rita asked if they would duet together one day, to which Kammy replied: “I’d love that!”

The Masked Singer airs on ITV1 and ITX on Saturdays. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide for more to watch.


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