We're left with just three contestants who are yet to be unmasked on The Masked Singer.


This weekend, the finale will take place where all of this year's acts will return to the stage for a special group performance, and three previous competitors will return for a trio of one-of-a-kind duets.

Taking to the stage for a chance to be crowned as the 2023 Masked Singer champion are Fawn, Rhino and Phoenix. While Fawn has managed to keep their identity under wraps, fans think they might have sussed out who is behind the masks of Rhino and Phoenix.

A Busted star is top of fans’ list to be Rhino on The Masked Singer, while The Masked Singer fans think Phoenix is Doctor Who star.

So far, we've seen nine acts unmasked on the show. Most recently, Amber Riley was revealed to be the show's Jellyfish and Jacket Potato was unmasked as Richie Sambora.

The week before, Daisy May Cooper was unmasked as Otter and Claire Richards was revealed to be behind the mask of Knitting.

Ghost was the first character to be revealed as football legend Chris Kamara, followed by Piece of Cake (Lulu), Cat & Mouse (Martin and Shirlie Kemp), and Rubbish (Stephen Hendry).

Read on for everything you need to know about The Masked Singer contestants, including all the clues, guesses and theories.

And if you want to know who left The Masked Singer 2023, follow that link.


Fawn – The Masked Singer
©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Fawn will be bounding onto the Masked Singer stage this year, but let's hope they're not a deer in the headlights on New Year's Day.


Episode 2 - Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast film

Episode 4 - Into the Groove by Madonna

Episode 5 - Ironic by Alanis Morissette

Episode 6 - Changing by Sigma feat. Paloma Faith

Episode 7 - Tomorrow by Annie and Be the One by Dua Lipa


  • Fawn likes no milk but five sugars in her tea or coffee order.
  • Like a fawn I admit when I was younger, I was somewhat awkward.
  • Call me a boffin but maths was a passion, though my brain helped me to win later in life.
  • "You might think a fawn is a young deer but I’m certainly not a baby," they said.
  • Now that I’m all grown up I’m not awkward at all.
  • The riddle after her first performance was: "I live in a cottage and not in a palace, I’ve visited Wonderland but my name isn’t Alice."
  • Fawn mentioned the words "black coffee" and "sandy."


  • Hannah Waddingham
  • Kim Woodburn
  • Mel B
  • Nicole Appleton
  • Stacey Solomon
  • Emma Bunton


©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Rhino is set to storm on to The Masked Singer in 2023, with the country-themed contestant heading horn first into the competition.


Episode 2 - Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Episode 4 - Try by P!nk

Episode 5 - I Just Can't Wait to Be King from The Lion King

Episode 6 - Into You by Ariana Grande

Episode 7 - Little Bit of Love by Tom Grennan and Use Somebody by Kings of Leon


  • In Rhino’s first VT, a sign appeared that said "Welcome to Cobalt".
  • The sign also said that there was a population of 158,967 people, and the rules were "no spittin', no thievin', and no shoutin'".
  • Three arrows were shown behind Rhino.
  • "I want to make sure we have a nice fair game".
  • Rhino looked at a list of the "Town Crimes", which included: "Arson: 3", "Loitering: 17", "Forgery: 99", "Theft: 40" and "Bad Jokes: 2".
  • Riddle - "I’m chief of this town, and happy go-lucky. But one of you guys might think I’m quite muggy."
  • "In this here town, I like to encourage patience. True, I might be a rhino, but I've never been one to charge into a situation," Rhino said.
  • There was a sign saying. "HOME 19,9900 KM" in the VT.
  • The Statue of Liberty and an apple was shown.
  • Rhino has "the natural gift of strength" that has allowed him to "break through."
  • Clue or False - "Can I be real for a second? There's a rumour that I'm a thieving sheriff" and "Now there's a whisper, that I wasted no time in turning down a highfalutin offer." The audience believed that number two was true.


  • Charlie Simpson
  • Russell Brand
  • James Blunt
  • Freddie Flintoff
  • Rylan Clark


©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Phoenix is hoping to rise from the ashes on The Masked Singer and impress the panel with their fiery vocals.


Episode 1 - Get Lucky by Daft Punk feat Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers

Episode 3 - Loco in Acapulco by Four Tops

Episode 5 - I'm Still Standing by Sir Elton John

Episode 6 - It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones

Episode 7 - I Love You Baby by Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly by Mika


  • They are good at reinventing themselves, as they have been "born anew" and "reincarnated".
  • They were quiet as a child.
  • Their riddle was: "I'm all flame and fire, my feathers ablaze, it may intrigue you to learn, I've been a catchphrase."
  • They sang with an American accent.
  • They are good at "following a trail" and have been shown inspecting some footprints with a magnifying glass.


  • David Tennant
  • Nicholas Hoult
  • Joe Sugg
  • Jason Orange

Former The Masked Singer 2023 contestants

Jellyfish - UNMASKED in episode 7

©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Jellyfish was revealed to be Amber Riley.


Episode 1 - Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns N' Roses

Episode 3 - Take Me to Church by Hozier

Episode 5 - Leave a Light On by Tom Walker

Episode 6 - Alone by Heart

Episode 7 - You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi and Without You by David Guetta


  • The letters 'M' and 'E' written in shells.
  • They have "unexpectedly won" another competition.
  • Sign on the beach reading "how Loa can you Goa?" by a limbo pole.
  • Jellyfish's riddle said: "Give me good vibes only, that’s a great salutation. Let’s love and not hate, like a funny animation.”
  • Jellyfish is all about the love and claims to be an advocate for it.
  • They recently became a mother.


  • Alexandra Burke
  • Michelle Keegan
  • Michelle Visage
  • Ellie Goulding

Jacket Potato - UNMASKED in episode 7

Jacket Potato
©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Jacket Potato was unmasked as Richie Sambora.


Episode 2 - Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley

Episode 4 - Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Episode 5 - Smooth by Carlos Santana

Episode 6 - Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Episode 7 - Love Me Again by John Newman


  • Jacket Potato said they were here to drop it like it’s a hot (potato).
  • "Hey, it’s me, Jack. I’ve got quite the collection, so big, it’ll make you say 'woah'," Jacket Potato said.
  • They were dancing in a disco venue.
  • They were putting ‘weird names’ including Nosey Parker in a jar.
  • They were reading a copy of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet .
  • Their singing is sure to butter you up – it's Jacket Potato.


  • Jack Whitehall
  • Richie Sambora
  • Shane Richie
  • Gino D'Acampo
  • Brian Cox
  • Ken Jeong
  • Michael Ball
  • Billy Idol

Otter - UNMASKED in episode 6

The Masked Singer
©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Otter was unveiled as actress Daisy May Cooper.


Episode 1 - I'm Always Here from Baywatch

Episode 3 - Reflection from Mulan

Episode 5 - 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

Episode 6 - Cheerleader by Omi


  • They're known for their resilience and they survive in "places a lot couldn't".
  • They might have been seen before in a more "serious" context.
  • They're "naturally curious" and "a little bit naughty".
  • Seen with a vicar.
  • Clues around water and making a splash.
  • A four-leaf clover.
  • Sign saying "Rules And Diving Advice", which could be an acronym.
  • Their riddle was: "Children, some say, should be seen and not heard, but of this otter, I'd say, opposite is the word."


  • Una Healy
  • Fiona Shaw
  • Pauline McLynn
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Knitting - UNMASKED in episode 6

©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Knitting was revealed to be Steps singer Claire Richards.


Episode 1 - Remember by Becky Hill

Episode 3 - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) by Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer

Episode 5 - Secret Love Song by Little Mix

Episode 6 - Left Outside Alone by Anastacia


  • Describes themselves as "crafty".
  • A magpie.
  • A Lancaster accent.
  • Possible connections to morning TV and to theatre.
  • Their riddle was: "Knitting is easy, it's the crossing of sticks. Count all your stitches, there should be 26."


  • Konnie Huq
  • Samantha Barks
  • AJ Odudu
  • Jane Horrocks

Pigeon - UNMASKED in episode 5

©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Pigeon was revealed to be comedian Katherine Ryan.


Episode 2 - No Scrubs by TLC

Episode 4 - Yeah! by Usher feat Lil Jon and Ludacris

Episode 5 - Fight for This Love by Cheryl


  • Pigeon is dressed as an elderly woman.
  • They've "ruffled a few feathers" in her time but calls herself "unflappable".
  • "I might be an old bird but let me tell you, ageing has never bothered me," Pigeon said.
  • They stood beside a welcome mat with the words: "Home is where the heart is" written on it.
  • Pigeon says they're good at "being able to ask the tougher question".
  • Pigeon said she'd be competitive on the show, but "only with myself".
  • They were drinking tea and eating digestive biscuits in central London.
  • They carried carrots in their handbag.
  • First riddle – "I’m an old pigeon mama and I’ve such a warm heart. Let me share some of my wisdom – life imitates art."
  • "TITLE" was written out in bread.
  • Pigeon "loves a natter".
  • There was a jewellery box on a tartan basket during the VT.
  • "As a chick, I got used to giving speeches, so I'm comfortable with public speaking," Pigeon revealed.
  • Pigeon a said that she speaks up on things she believes in.
  • Pigeon was seen carrying a cauliflower.
  • Clue or False - "Babes, d'you know they've literally been saying I've not been taught in pigeon English" and "Get a shovel and dig this. Some festival goers have said I like a bit of argy bargy."


  • Gemma Collins
  • Emily Atack
  • Stacey Solomon
  • Linda Robson

Rubbish - UNMASKED in episode 4

©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Rubbish was unmasked as Snooker player Stephen Hendry.


Episode 2 - Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams

Episode 4 - Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs


  • The red bin is labelled ‘No. 1’.
  • "Cleaning up, that’s what I do best," Rubbish said.
  • "We’re all solo," they revealed.
  • ‘"Inside of my bin is trash I’m compiling, as a person I’m happy but you won’t see my smiling," they added.
  • "There's no time to waste - it's Rubbish!"
  • Rubbish spoke with a strong cockney accent.
  • They walked past a series of multi-coloured bins.


  • Dean Gaffney
  • Sir Chris Hoy
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • Goldie

Cat & Mouse - UNMASKED in episode 3

Cat and Mouse
©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

The first duo on The Masked Singer UK, Cat & Mouse were feline good about their chances in the competition – that is, until they were unmasked as Martin and Shirlie Kemp.


Episode 1 - Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better by Doris Day and Robert Goulet

Episode 3 - Get Happy from Summer Stock


  • 20,000,000 was written on a notepad.
  • Cat and Mouse like to "get to the bottom of cases".
  • The VT showed of spices in jars.

Piece of Cake - UNMASKED in episode 2

Piece of Cake
©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Piece of Cake was revealed to be pop icon Lulu during the second elimination.


Episode 2 - Shivers by Ed Sheeran


  • Reference to "well" during the VT.
  • Piece of Cake being a "birthday gift".
  • A heart-shaped balloon with the word "shh" written on it.
  • Piece of Cake greeted viewers by saying "Hello, lovers".

Ghost - UNMASKED in episode 1

©ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

Bringing Halloween into the New Year, Ghost was hoping to give a scarily good performance on The Masked Singer. However, they were the first contestant to be unmasked on the show as football legend Chris Kamara.


Episode 1 - Save the Last Dance for Me by The Drifters


  • They've rubbed shoulders with stars or potentially duetted with famous names.
  • They've been on Through the Key Hole or Cash in the Attic.
  • "I might be a ghost and that means I’m dead, but I’m fully immortal in a drink with a head," they said.


  • John Bishop
  • Iain Stirling

The Masked Singer: The Final airs on ITV1 and ITVX on Saturday 18th February at 7pm. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide for more to watch.


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