Fans of The Traitors may have an all-stars edition of the show to look forward to if past contestants have anything to do with it.


Speaking exclusively to at this year's National Television Awards, The Traitors winners Hannah Byczkowski and Meryl Williams and one of the series Traitors, Wilfred Webster, spoke about whether or not they're going to tune into the new season of the show.

"No I'm far too jealous," Hannah joked while Meryl responded: "No, we want to be in it! We want an all-stars, they want to bring us back!"

Wilfred also said: "We want an all-stars but we will watch it, of course. We support them, they've changed our lives. I'll be jealous but it'll be nice to sit down and watch it not knowing what's going to happen, so that'll be good."

"And also will be good to see how they'll change it from last year," Meryl added.

Aaron Evans, Wilfred Webster, Meryl Williams and Hannah Byczkowski of The Traitors
The Traitors' Aaron Evans, Wilfred Webster, Meryl Williams and Hannah Byczkowski with the Reality Competition award at the National Television Awards 2023. Alan Chapman/Dave Benett/Getty Images

When asked if they would accept an opportunity for an all-stars edition of the show if it were to arise, Meryl said: "I would be there tomorrow. If they said, 'Be here at 6 o'clock', I'd be like, 'Right guys, let's go'. Genuinely."

As for who could join in on the action? Well, we'll just have to use our imaginations for now but with multiple versions of the show, we're sure there wouldn't be any shortage of willing participants who would want to return for an all-stars spin-off.

The Traitors won this year's National Television Award category for Reality Competition, which also boasted the likes of Love Island, Race Across the World and SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Since filming the UK edition of the show, The Traitors has had international success with both US and Australian versions of the show and all eyes are on the second season to see what host Claudia Winkleman and the team have in store.

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Chatting about how it was to film their season, Hannah remarked: "It's the only opportunity where you get to live a game show. You don't have to worry about who's taking the bins out, you don't have to worry about getting dinner, you don't have to worry about all the daily things and you can just live [it] – it's amazing."

Meryl also added: "That roundtable was intense, wasn't it? The whole thing."

In their season of the show, which aired late last year, Meryl, Hannah and Aaron successfully banished all the Traitors to take home the grand prize.

It was a tense but totally watchable four weeks of gameplay and is set to be recreated again in a second season of the show, which is yet to get a confirmed release date.

The Traitors UK and The Traitors US are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide or Streaming Guide or visit our Entertainment hub for the latest news.


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