Our Saturday evenings are about to be a bit less crazy as The Masked Singer will draw to a close this Saturday evening and we will finally know who the remaining The Masked Singer season 3 contestants are.


Last weekend saw two contestants unmasked on The Masked Singer and now only three remain in the competition and they will be singing their hearts out once again on Saturday.

Guesses have been coming thick and fast from both the panel and us at home - we all seem to have our thoughts on who is who and we are about to learn whether we get bragging rights for getting the guesses correct.

Here's everything you need to know about The Masked Singer season 3 ahead of the final episode of the series.

What time is The Masked Singer on TV?

The Masked Singer will come to a close this Saturday, 12th Febuary at 7pm.

It will be followed by the Stars in Their Eyes inspired, Starstruck.

The Masked Singer season 3 start date

The Masked Singer season 3 premiered on ITV on Saturday 1st January at 7pm.

The second episode aired the following day at a slightly later time of 7:30pm.

Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com about the new season, executive producers Dan Nettleton and Derek McLean said that they were planning some "very crazy, high concept ideas".

"We have got so many ideas!" Nettleton said. "We do not intend for this to be the same every year, and partly because the beauty of the format is you can do bonkers things.

"In a traditional kind of talent show, there are limits to where you can take the show, but with a show that relies on Badgers singing against Sausages and Blob there really isn't a limit."

The Masked Singer season 3 judges

The Masked Singer judges

McCall, Ross, Ora and Gilligan are once again sat on the judging panel, with Dommett also back as host.

The Masked Singer season 3 contestants

As you'd expect, the season three costumes are as weird and wonderful as ever.

You can see a full list of characters below, including The Unmasked Masked Singer season 3 contestants.


The Masked Singer Chandelier

Chandelier was revealed to be Heather Small in episode one.


The Masked Singer The Bagpipes

Bagpipes was unveiled as tennis champ Pat Cash.


The Masked Singer Lionfish

Lionfish was revealed to be Will Young in episode three.


The Masked Singer Doughnuts

Doughnuts was unmasked as former footballer Michael Owen.

Traffic Cone

The Masked Singer Traffic Cone

With guesses from Peter Andre to Olly Murs and Aled Jones, the mysterious Traffic Cone has got us well and truly confused.


The Masked Singer Panda

The adorable Panda has got the judges and us at bamboozled. Some fans think a Britain's Got Talent judge is Panda on The Masked Singer.

Could this be?


The Masked Singer Rockhopper

Rockhopper has been hopping all over the stage and doing a pretty good job at keeping their identity under wraps, with guesses ranging from Alesha Dixon to US actress Zendaya.


The Masked Singer Mushroom

Mushroom describes themselves as quite the fungi, but that doesn't mean they're going lightly on the judges when it comes to clues and hints.


The Masked Singer Firework

Firework was revealed to be actress Jaime Winstone.


The Masked Singer Poodle

Poodle was revealed to English singer Tom Chaplin on episode five.

Snow Leopard

The Masked Singer Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard was revealed to be Gloria Hunniford in episode two.


The Masked Singer Robobunny

Robobunny has been described as one of the "best" costumes the judges have ever seen on the show, but it certainly isn't one of the easiest, with everyone still trying to work out who's that behind the mask.

You can watch the video below to meet this year's contestants.

If you want to start figuring out who could be under the masks, here our all of our The Masked Singer theories and investigations so far:


The Masked Singer airs on ITV on Saturday nights. For something else to watch, check out our TV Guide.