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Who has been unmasked on The Masked Singer?

Here's everything you need to know about the unmasked and eliminated contestants.

The Masked Singer season three contestants
Published: Sunday, 6th February 2022 at 11:00 am

Season 3 of The Masked Singer continued this weekend with another new episode AND a shock double elimination, with Traffic Cone and Rockhopper becoming the latest characters to be eliminated.

The remaining The Masked Singer contestants will return for the grand final next week to try and fool us and the judges Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross and Rita Ora, who will continue to throw some of their trademark wild guesses out into the world - they do seem to think one of them is Zendaya for some reason.

Now, only three remain with Panda, Mushroom and Robobunny all back for the final this coming weekend – but which one will be the next to be unmasked? And who will win the third season of the show?

Here are all the characters who have been unmasked so far on The Masked Singer season 3, and who the actual celebrities are behind each mask.

Who has been unmasked on The Masked Singer?

Episode 7: Traffic Cone/Aled Jones and Rockhopper/Michelle Williams

Aled Jones smiling in Traffic Cone costume on The Masked Singer
Aled Jones smiling in Traffic Cone costume on The Masked Singer From Bandicoot TV/ITV

Once again, episode 7 saw The Masked Singer fans witness a double elimination as two celebrities were unmasked in the ITV series' semi-finals.


The first character to be unmasked was Traffic Cone - who was revealed to be none other than the classical singer and television presenter Aled Jones!

Speaking after the show about his character, Jones said: "I love Traffic Cone! The best costume and character. He became real! He was a fun-loving character with massive feet! It was very sweaty inside that costume though and hard to dance ‘cos I couldn’t see my feet!"

On the guesses from the panel, he added: "They were hilarious and so far-fetched! I was everyone from Olly Murs to Mr Motivator!"

Next up to be unmasked was the character of Rockhopper - who was revealed to be none other than Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams.

Michelle Williams laughing in Rockhopper outfit on The Masked Singer
Michelle Williams laughing in her Rockhopper outfit on The Masked Singer From Bandicoot TV/ITV

After the big reveal of Michelle, the panel were delighted to see the singer on the stage.

Following the show, Michelle said: "I must commend the costume designer and all of the amazing folk that helped get me dressed for every performance. I know they worked VERY hard on all of the characters. I had tonnes of fun hopping around and making noises backstage and onstage."

She added: "I was getting so much love from the panel and audience and it made me so anxious to reveal who I am. I was enjoying them throwing out all of these other amazing names as well. "

Episode 6: Firework/Jaime Winstone and Doughnuts/Michael Owen

The Masked Singer
Jaime Winstone as Firework in The Masked Singer (ITV)

In episode 6 there was a double unmasking, with Firework and Doughnuts made to reveal their true identities.

First up, Firework was revealed to be none other than Jaime Winstone, who was fairly amused that her pal Rita Ora hadn't clocked her under the costume despite briefly wondering if it could be her in an earlier episode.

Clues relating to famous film directors had nodded to her father Ray Winstone (who had worked with then all) and her days as a "runner" on film sets.

"Rita actually guessed me once but convinced herself that I would never do this show," she said later.

"I really wanted to have some fun with what I do for a living and I’m so happy I did, it has unlocked my inner pop star. The young Jaime in me was smiling cheek to cheek."

The Masked Singer
Michael Owen as doughnuts in The Masked Singer (ITV)

Next up, it was time for Doughnuts to reveal his true identity – and this time it was football legend Michael Owen under the mask, as predicted by Mo and Jonathan.

"When I came out here for the first time... I thought taking a penalty for England in a World Cup was nerve-wracking, this was the worst thing by a mile!" Owen told Joel. "So I just thought, go for it!"

Episode 5: Poodle/Tom Chaplin

Tom Chaplin from Keane is revealed as the man behind the Poodle in The Masked Singer.
Tom Chaplin from Keane is revealed as the man behind the Poodle in The Masked Singer. ITV

In episode 5, Poodle became the latest celebrity to be unmasked – and on this occasion, the famous face behind the costume was Keane singer Tom Chaplin.

The judges had previously guessed that Poodle could be Mika or Rylan, while other names that had been mentioned as possibilities in earlier episodes included Michael Ball, Adam Lambert and Paul O'Grady – but none of them were able to guess his correct identity.

Poodle's final performance on the show had been a rendition of Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten, while other songs he performed during his time on the series included Rocket Man and What's New Pussycat.

On being unmasked, Chaplin said, "I've got to a point in my life where I don't take myself too seriously anymore. I think that's pretty important if you're going to dress up as a seven-foot multicoloured poodle.

"I've also become much more interested in embracing different challenges - being in a band is like living on a little island, so it's good to try things that are out of your comfort zone!"

When asked about the difficulties of keeping his involvement secret, he added, "I thought it would be a lot harder but I got the knack of speaking in code pretty quickly!"

Episode 4: Bagpipes/Pat Cash 

Bagpipes The Masked Singer
ITV/Bandicoot TV

Grand Slam tennis champion Pat Cash was revealed to be Bagpipes on episode four of The Masked Singer after facing Poodle in the sing-off.

While the judges had previously guessed Rod Stewart, Richard Madden and even Judy Murray, it was actually the Australian tennis pro who was behind the mask.

After Bagpipes performed a rendition of Bay City Rollers hit I Only Want To Be With You, it was McCall who landed on the right answer.

Speaking after being unmasked, Cash said: "Well I'm a frustrated rock guitarist. I had a band for a little bit for a while and I call myself the emergency singer. So singing, I liked the idea that I could just focus on my self.

"Ironically, it's strange because seeing the crowd is quite nerve-wracking. I've played the centre court at Wimbledon and just about the most nerve-wracking thing is coming on here.

"What a great experience – I've got to say I'm just very, very lucky."

Episode 3: Lionfish/Will Young

The Masked Singer Will Young
Will Young on The Masked Singer (ITV) ITV

Singer Will Young was the third celebrity to be eliminated from The Masked Singer UK’s third season after his performance of Celeste’s Stop This Flame was topped by Firework’s crowd-pleasing rendition of Sex On Fire.

The Pop Idol icon left most of the judging panel stunned when he took off his Lionfish costume, with Mo guessing that David Walliams was beneath the mask, and Davina putting Macy Gray forward.

Jonathon, however, managed to guess Will’s identity correctly, with Rita agreeing with his suggestion.

Speaking after he was unmasked, Will said he was honoured to take part in the show: “It was such a brilliant challenge to take on.”

Will then admitted that he found it difficult to wear his disguise because he is agoraphobic.

When asked what made him decide to join the show, he said: “I thought the challenge of disguising my voice would be fantastic and also I loved the idea of playing a character!”

He added: “I was nervous when I had to take the mask off! It was very interesting to experience.”

There are five more celebrities due to perform again next week for their chance to make it all the way to the end – Poodle, Panda, Bagpipes, Rockhopper and Traffic Cone.

Episode 2: Snow Leopard/Gloria Hunniford

Gloria Hunniford
Gloria Hunniford on The Masked Singer (ITV)

Presenter and broadcaster Gloria Hunniford, who appears as a panellist on Loose Women, was the second celebrity to be eliminated from The Masked Singer UK’s third season.

The star left most of the judging panel stunned when she took off her Snow Leopard suit, but Jonathan Ross had managed to guess her identity correctly.

Speaking exclusively to, Gloria Hunniford revealed that her mask almost fell off on The Masked Singer.

Talking to presenter Joel Dommett after she was unmasked, she revealed: "I started to sing when I was seven and I hate to tell you but it was pre-television days. But I haven’t sung on a stage in something like 27 years.

"I couldn’t believe it when I was asked to take part,” the 81-year-old explained.

"I’m of a certain age and it was a challenge. It sounded like a lot of fun and I thought I’d like to try it."

Gloria went on: "Even to this day only three people in my family know. You get the point that you are so afraid of mentioning it that as time passes, you look back and think, 'Did I actually do that?'"

Episode 1: Chandelier/Heather Small

Heather Small
Heather Small on The Masked Singer (ITV)

Singer Heather Small, famous for hits Moving on Up, Search for the Hero, Proud and One Night in Heaven, was the first celeb to leave the competition on Saturday night's premiere (1st January) after finding herself in the bottom three alongside Mushroom and Firework.

"I wanted it to be a real surprise and I think I achieved that," said Small of her time on the show. "I live with my son and mother and they had no clue. I managed to keep it a secret."

As for her costume, Small said that she was "given options", but it was Chandelier which caught her eye.

"I loved my look because it didn’t give much away," she added. "It was intricate, beautiful and I take my hat off to the costume makers. They were phenomenal."


The Masked Singer on ITV and ITV Hub continues on Saturday evenings. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide. Visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.


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