It's the Love Island episode we've all been waiting for: the couples wake up to find they've all become brand new parents.


Yep, the baby episode is back for 2018 – and some of the islanders cope better than others with their new bundles of joy.

Although the happiness is short-lived when it's revealed a shock dumping is imminent.

After the public were encouraged to have their say at the end of last night's episode, the three couples with the fewest votes are revealed by the fire pit.

A text then tells the islanders that it's a straightforward dumping: the couple with the least votes will immediately leave the island.

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But before six couples become five, there's the small matter of parenthood to attend to when earlier in the morning, the islanders are woken up by six screaming plastic babies.

Love Island
Love Island (ITV)

Sadly there's no Cash Hughes, but these are the names of the islanders' offspring:

Paul and Laura’s daughter: Arabella Knops

Alex and Alexandra’s daughter: Ella Louise George

Jack and Laura’s son (who they later find out is actually a daughter): Aubrey Crane Fowler

Josh and Kaz’s son: Prince Kavana Joshua Denzel

Wes and Megan’s daughter: Mia Ruby Nelson

Jack and Dani’s daughter: Kimberley Flo Fincham

Although some of the islanders are thrilled (New Jack declares "I love the fact there's loads of babies around!"), both Josh and Megan aren't so won over by parenthood.

Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel Love Island
Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel Love Island (ITV)

Josh says he has "a headache already" when Prince won't stop crying, and is later branded an "absent father" by Kaz. Meanwhile Megan explains of Mia: "I did not expect parenthood to be this hard.

"I can barely look after myself at 24, let alone a new-born baby," she says.

With the girls given the afternoon off outside the villa, it's the boys who are left in charge. Suddenly, the Do Bits Society transforms into the Daddy Daycare Society...

Jack Fincham Dani Dyer Love Island
Jack Fincham Dani Dyer Love Island (ITV)

Becoming parents seems to further strengthen Jack and Dani, as she calls her boyfriend "dad of the year" after taking care of Kimberley. "I feel like I love him even more," declares Dani.


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2