Paul Knops might be going into the Love Island villa to find love – but the 31-year-old has already snogged Britney Spears!


The model and carpenter from Bournemouth, Dorset was the main bloke in Britney's 2016 video for Make Me.

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Love Island Kaz lie detector

"Me and Britney were friends for a bit," Paul said. "I got to know her really well during the making of the video."

And when he says he got to know her very well, what Paul means is that he shared some *very* steamy scenes with the Piece of Me pop star.

Here's Paul in the video for Make Me, but brace yourself – it's a bit NSFW...

As well as snogging the face off Britney, Paul's other claim to fame is that he's already amassed more than 18,000 followers on Instagram and has appeared in magazines including GQ:

He also enjoys posing in various photogenic locations without his top on. Who wouldn't stop to give him a lift?

Although the female islanders may be pleased to see Paul enter the villa, Dr Alex and Josh might not be so keen.

Asked who he was interested in on the show, Paul said: "Physically the person I’m most attracted to in the villa is Kaz. She is beautiful. And Alexandra, I really like her aura, she seems to be a very relaxed girl and I think she can have a deep conversation, I feel she has a bit about her. I’d like to get to know her."

Oh dear.

Asked what makes him stand out, Paul said: "I’m a likeable guy, I’m approachable and I get on with everyone. I’m happy and outgoing and spontaneous."

Being slightly older than your average islander at 31, Paul says he's definitely going into the villa looking for love. "It is a different experience, finding love in the Love Island villa," he said.

"I’m always interested in what people have to say," he said. "I do modelling, I know I’m not a bad looking guy but I don’t like to use that. I’m an equal to everyone. People are very surprised by the person I am after speaking to me, they can assume I can be stuck up but I’m very grounded. I get complimented on that."

He's been in long term relationships before with "a few breaks" in between. "We are all looking for the perfect person," he added. "I would like to settle down and if I find it, I would. If I don’t, I’ll continue looking.

"I get on with girls very well," he added. "I know some of the girls are coupled up seriously but I would still like them to get to know me and then make their own decisions about me."

He also says he's worried about coming across as a bad guy on the show – so perhaps going after Alex's girl Alexandra isn't the best idea, eh?

What is Paul looking for in a girl?

When it comes to his other half, Paul thinks it's important to be physically attracted "but there has to be something special about her. I want her to be that special someone." As for his biggest turn-off? "Someone who is too into themselves."

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Who is Paul Knops? Key facts:

Age: 31

Job: Carpenter and model

Instagram: @paulknopsie

Location: Bournemouth


Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2