Love Island was our summer obsession once again, as we followed a fresh batch of Islanders over eight weeks.


But like all good things, the latest series must come to an end, after crowning another happy couple as the winning partnership.

Here's all you need to know about the Love Island final...

How long does Love Island series 5 go on for and when is the final?

Caroline Flack confirmed the finale date on Love Island: Aftersun as Monday 29th July, which means we'll have had eight weeks worth of cracking on and mugging off.

As always, the final episode is a bumper edition, airing from 9pm - 10.35pm, and will feature interviews with our winning couple and the three runners-up.

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The final episode isn't necessarily the very end of Love Island though, with Love Island: The Reunion usually airing the following Sunday. Again hosted by Flack, viewers get a sneak peek at what the Islanders are getting up to now they're outside the bubble of the villa.

Last year even featured a festive edition of Love Island, which saw Islanders reuniting at Christmas to share gossip - and settle old scores.

Jack and Dani - Love Island 2018

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer took the crown in 2018; while they were the clear winners of the fourth series with a landslide victory, the twosome struggled outside the villa, and split after six months.

Who is the favourite to win Love Island 2019?

So far, it's Tommy and Molly-Mae (the only couple who are officially boyfriend and girlfriend), but Amber and Greg are proving hugely popular among fans online. They are followed closely behind by Ovie and India and Maura and Curtis.

How does the Love Island final work?

The last four series of Love Island have seen the remaining couples pledge their love to one another in a formal setting with varying degrees of intensity.

The first series went all out, with the couples having mini wedding ceremonies – in astonishing scenes, the girls even went shopping for wedding dresses and bought bouquets.

It all got a bit much for Jon Clark, who got down on one knee and actually proposed to girlfriend Hannah Elizabeth in the final episode (they broke up shortly afterwards).

The following series haven't been quite so extra, instead opting more for a prom-style celebration – but the girls go shopping for ballgowns and the couples' still read vows out to one another, often with tearful results.

What is the twist in the Love Island final?

While nothing has been confirmed for series five, the first four series of Love Island saw viewers vote for their favourite from the four remaining couples to decide the winner.

The two halves of the winning couple were then each issued with a card by Caroline Flack, reading 'love' on one side and 'money' on the other in a twist straight out of Goldenballs.

If both couples chose love, they split the £50,000 between them.

Should one pick love and the other money, then the one who picked money walks away with the full cash prize.

However, if they both pick money, both partners leave empty-handed.

For the last four series, all couples have split the money between them, but could series five see a shock ending?


Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 at 9pm