Social media influencer Molly-Mae Hague is on the hunt for love rather than likes on Love Island.


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Meet Molly-Mae Hague...

Who is Molly-Mae coupled up with on Love Island? Tommy

Age: 19

From: Manchester

Job: Social media influencer

Instagram: @mollymaehague

Molly-Mae Hague is a social media influencer and model, with an impressive 159k Instagram followers before she joined the show.

Asked about her looks, Molly-Mae conceded that she was "a little bit above average-looking".

"I have a lot of followers on social media and that’s all aesthetic so I guess I have to be a little bit above average-looking to get followers," she explained. "Recently people have been complimenting me on my nose – I’d never even thought about my nose!"

However, despite having made her name on social media, Molly-Mae admits she's looking forward to a digital detox following a long line of Jack-the-lads she's met via Instagram.

"All the dates I’ve been on have been guys from Instagram. A few footballers have slid into my DMs. I’ve dated footballers, it’s all just superficial and on the surface. And then you get to know them and they’re just a bang average ‘Jack the Lad’," she said.

She previously dated Leicester City footballer James Maddison, and she’s close friends with Love Island series four stars Rosie Williams and Kendall-Rae Knight — meaning she may have already picked up a few tips on how to make it in the villa...

What is Molly-Mae looking for in the villa?

Asked for her celebrity crush, Molly-Mae revealed: "Maybe someone like Channing Tatum. I love big tall guys that make me feel petite and protected."

However, she's keen not to go against the girl-code while inside the villa.

"I’ve never cheated and I never would cheat," she said. "When you see it first-hand you know that it’s not something you want to have happen to you or do to someone else.

"I’ve got big girl-code. My friends come first before any guy. I always have their back. I’d like to say I am good at giving advice as well, I’m a very good listener," she added. "I would never tread on someone’s toes. It’s just not the way I am."

What has Molly-Mae been up to in the villa?

Despite being coupled up with Tommy, Molly-Mae started to crack on to new arrival Danny, much to Yewande's chagrin.

“I’m actually really looking forward to having a chat with you because I feel like we’re going to get on," she told him on the day beds.

And she later expressed uncertainty about her union with Tommy...

“The issue I’ve got at the moment is that I’m very attracted to him," she said. "I think he is a gorgeous boy. I just feel like he is in ‘Tommy Land’ and I’m trying to get my way into it. Maybe I need to get into ‘Danny Land’?”

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Things went from bad to worse when Tommy went on a flirtatious date with newcomer Maura. After Tommy admitted his head did a "560-degree turn" when he saw the newbie, the boxer and Molly-Mae had a heated discussion, with Tommy finally declaring: "I like the girl and I’m going to get to know her.”

But Molly-Mae refused to go down without a fight. After explaining her situation to a less-than-interested Maura, she told Tommy that she did like him and she felt the pair had a good connection.

Now Molly-Mae is back with Tommy and the pair seem to be going from strength to strength, sharing their first kiss the night after the re-coupling.

Things were going swimmingly from there – they've been doing plenty of bits – but their honeymoon phase was rocked by a challenge which revealed a tweet that suggested that Molly-Mae is only in it for the cash.

She was visibly shaken.

“Wow. I’m actually fuming," she said in the Beach Hut. " I’m annoyed because I just feel like to bring money into it, what am I meant to say? I’m speechless to be honest.”

However, things are still going strong between her and Tommy, with the pair going on a horse-riding date together – much to Tommy's hilarious discomfort.

Molly-Mae broke down in tears when she returned to the villa after Casa Amor to discover that Tommy had stayed loyal to her. The couple now look like the strongest of the bunch.

A few days later, Tommy asked her to be his girlfriend, and Molly-Mae suggested that she is in love with him, but wanted to save the actual vocalising of it for "a rainy day".

And the pair soon took their relationship even further, declaring their love for each over whilst cuddling under the covers.

Heading into the final week, Molly-Mae was left very upset after a challenge revealed that a section of the public think she is being disingenuous in the villa. Little does she know she's favourite to win the whole thing and she was saved by the public in the final dumping of the series. She will now go up against Maura and Curtis, India and Ovie and Amber and Greg for the £50k prize.

Many have also even speculated she and Tommy could have had sex under the covers while poor Ellie-Belly looked on...

Despite being the hot favourites to win, Molly-Mae and Tommy came second to Greg and Amber in the series - but things are still on track for this series' only official boyfriend/girlfriend, with the pair planning on moving in together.


Love Island airs on ITV2