26-year-old Love Island contestant Rosie Williams says she’s nothing like the solicitor stereotype: “I’m like Legally Blonde...only Legally Brunette.” Far from destined to “be behind a desk all day” Welsh-born Rosie has her sights set on a villa romance.


She hasn't exactly quit her lawyer job, instead telling her "supportive" firm she is moving to Wales. Speaking to RadioTimes.com, Rosie said: "I’m on a sabbatical, I believe. I haven’t actually formally quit."

Describing herself as “unpredictable” she says “you never quite know what I’m going to do next.” Is Rosie the wild card this series needs to compete with last year's drama?

With no plans to get under the covers live on TV, Rosie reckons "as long as I behave in the way I’ve always behaved then my career’s safe."

Rosie told RadioTimes.com she has previously dated reality TV star “Jordan Davis from Ibiza Weekender, Ex on the Beach and Big Brother” but his career put pressure on the relationship.

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Since dating Jordan when she was 21, Rosie has been single. The pair split after he acted badly – "I don't think he behaved in a way a boyfriend would" – but she explains: "It’s all in the past, I’ve lived and I’ve learnt from it." Let's hope there's a boy in the villa to treat Rosie right.

Despite describing it as an on and off “messy relationship” she insists she and Jordan are now friends.

Jordan has no idea she's appearing on Love Island, a revelation which Rosie says will be "quite a shock for him. I don't think he would think it was something I’d ever do, but obviously it’s nothing to do with him anymore."

As for Rosie, she's "quite feisty".

"I'm a bit like a bottle of champagne, that's what my mum says. She says that you can shake and shake and shake me but one day my top will come off and I'll explode. And no one likes spilled champagne!"

What is Rosie looking for in a boy?

Her type on paper is “a gentleman but with a bit of banter.” Most of all, she says: “They need to make me laugh and maintain eye contact. I don’t like people to be distracted. I like them to be interested in me. I hate awkward silences, and bad manners, like burping."

It seems assertive Rosie is looking for a well behaved man, but do the villa boys have what it takes?

Who is Rosie Williams? Key facts:

Age: 26

Job: Solicitor

Location: Glamorgan, South Wales

Instagram: @rosieawilliams


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