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Who is Danny Williams? Meet the Love Island series 5 contestant and model who’s posed with Little Mix

Danny says if his love life was a song it would be called something like “Merry Go Round” or “Rollercoaster”

Danny Williams
Published: Tuesday, 23rd July 2019 at 8:56 pm

Model Danny Williams is hoping to find love in the villa with his cheeky personality and dimpled cheeks – and better still, he’s “trustworthy and loyal”!


Here’s everything you need to know about the Love Island bombshell…

Meet Danny Williams…

Status: DUMPED

Who was Danny coupled up with on Love Island? Not long after Arabella was dumped from the island, Danny has found another "connection" with newcomer Jourdan.

Age: 21

From: Hull

Job: Model

Instagram: @itsdannywilliams

Danny used the L word in his introductory interview – loyal. That’s right, just like Georgia Steel mentioned a few times in the 2018 series of Love Island, Danny promises to be “trustworthy and loyal!”

His modelling days have seen him posing on front covers of magazines with girl band Little Mix, a story which he’ll likely use to crack on with girls in the villa, as well as his self-proclaimed best assets – his cheeky personality and dimpled cheeks.

On how he plans to behave in the villa, Danny says: "I would never go against my own morals to get something for myself. If I have to go and tread on someone's toes to get a girl that I like or if I had to upset somebody, then I’d see that more as a sign that it’s not meant to be.

"In the same respect, if a guy and girl were coupled up and she was showing signs and I can feel like it’s genuine then I would at least go to the guy first and say, ‘I think something is going on here.’ I would do it that way."

Let's wait and see if Danny keeps to that plan...

What is Danny looking for in the villa?

Danny plans to be a “good friend to people before I fall in love with anybody”. And he’s looking for a woman who’s “ambitious” and “powerful” and “wouldn’t be scared of much”.

In terms of what he's not into... "Someone who is super-materialistic or if someone doesn’t see the bigger picture, that’s a turn-off for me."

What has Danny been up to in the villa?

Danny had a busy first night, going on dates with both Yewande and Amber. He and Yewande got on quite well – but his head was briefly turned after Molly-Mae expressed interest the following day.

“I feel like me and you have got quite a lot in common," he told her. "I’ve just got that vibe. I think you seem really down-to-earth.”

However, after some consideration (and a brief detour following dates with both Maura and Elma), Danny decided that Yewande is his type on paper – and left viewers thrilled when he (finally!) moved in for a kiss.

The pair entered a romantic coupling, but things were soon on the rocks after a frustrated Yewande vented to Amy and Curtis that she was tired of having to constantly reassure Danny that she liked him.

And things were made even more difficult for the pair with the arrival of new bombshell Arabella, who had her sights set firmly on Danny.

He admitted to her that they had an "undeniable connection" – leading to a heated argument with Yewande.

But while "fuming" at first, Yewande eventually told Danny that he was welcome to get to know Arabella, leaving him at the head of a very thorny love triangle.

In a shock re-coupling, Danny opted to pair up with Arabella, leaving Yewande to be dumped off the island.

Amber and Anna were NOT happy with the decision – both becoming outraged after Danny and Arabella enjoyed a smooch after Yewande's exit.

But just as things started to heat up for the pair, Arabella was unceremoniously dumped from the villa after the "most popular" couplings voted for which Islander they wanted to leave, and Tommy, Michael and Anton picked her over Maura.

While initially upset, Danny seemed to quickly get over it, and started cracking on with new girl Jourdan in Casa Amor.

Danny was keen to ask Jourdan to share a bed with him, as seen in this flirtatious exchange.

A smitten Jourdan said: “I think you know that I am into you and I do find you attractive, we do get along. I just need to know where your heads at…”

Danny opted to couple up with Jourdan at the latest re-coupling. That one didn't last long either, with the public deeming them to be their least favourite couple. They were dumped from the villa, though they said they were keen to have a date "in the real world".


Love Island airs on weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2


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