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Who is Elma Pazar? Meet the Love Island series 5 contestant and eyelash technician

Everything you need to know about Essex girl

Published: Wednesday, 10th July 2019 at 7:52 am

Elma Pazar was a bombshell arrival to the Love Island villa. But who exactly is the eyelash technician from Essex? And what is her type on paper? Here's all you need to know.


Meet Elma Pazar…

Who is Elma coupled up with on Love Island? Elma was partnered up with perpetually unlucky-in-love Anton, but after just a few days in the villa she was voted off the island.

Status: DUMPED

Age: 26

From: London

Job: Eyelash Technician

Instagram: @elmapazar

A self-described "girlfriend girl", Elma says she's not too interested in playing the field in the villa and says she's loyal when in a relationship.

She's also apparently "very loud" and is worried about people finding her "distinctive voice" irritating or annoying.

In case you were wondering, Elma rates herself a seven out of ten, citing her ear lobes, which are apparently in "the perfect position for a nice pair of earrings" i.e. on the sides of her head.

Elma also says she said in advance that she'd get on with scientist Yewande as her brother studies physics. We're sure that's going to be a riveting conversation.

What was Elma looking for in the villa?

Fortunately, Elma's dream guys are popular with Love Island viewers. Unfortunately, they're from the 2018 show.

"If I could get Jack Fowler and Jack Fincham and merge them into one person, that would be my perfect guy," she says. "The mix of both; I like the personality of them both. They are both quite funny."

Elma also had eyes for a few of the boys actually taking part in the 2019 series. "At the moment I like Danny, who has just gone in. He’s pleasing to the eye," she admitted before entering the villa. "Tommy is nice too, but he’s quite young. His head gets turned a lot."

What did Elma get up to in the villa?

After arriving in the villa, Elma enjoyed some steamy dates with Danny and Anton. She was particularly impressed by Anton’s cooking and the pair flirted as they chatted about muscles and eyebrows.

"He's a good egg, and I'm a good egg," she said in the Beach Hut. "Together, we can make a nice omelette."

Anton decided to forgo friend Anna and pick Elma to couple up with, but there were bumps in the road for the couple, after new boy Tom expressed an interest.

Despite initially assuring Maura (who is very keen on Tom) that she was not interested, she changed her tune after spending a bit of time with him.

“He’s a really nice boy. I’d get on with him," she told Yewande.


However Elma didn't get much of a chance to explore the Tom avenue, as she was voted off the island just days after she arrived.

Love Island is on weekdays and Sunday 9pm, ITV2


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