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Who is Arabella Chi? Meet the dumped Love Island series 5 contestant who played an Amazonian in Wonder Woman

And she has three other – far less exciting – claims to fame

Published: Tuesday, 23rd July 2019 at 8:35 pm

Another day, another Love Island bombshell struts into the villa...


Meet Arabella Chi...

Status: DUMPED

Who was Arabella coupled up with on Love Island? She is coupled up with Danny after a shock re-coupling forced him to choose between her and Yewande. She was then voted to be dumped from the villa by the other Islanders.

Age: 28

From: London

Job: Model

Instagram: arabellachi

Arabella's aiming to inject some fun and energy into the Love Island villa

"I’m definitely a very energetic person. I bring a fun element, there’s no one in there that is the joker. I like banter. I like playing fun tricks on people.

"I don’t shut up, I’m confident and I’m positive... I’m very competitive."

Watch out girls...

But she's serious about meeting someone

"I really want to find someone in there. After my last relationship, I’m so ready in my mind to find somebody. I’m 28 so I know what I want after previous relationships. I’ve learnt different things about what I want."

Arabella's always loyal... except for the times she's cheated

"[I'm] always loyal. If I’ve coupled up, it means I know what I want.

"Yes I have cheated and been cheated on. I’ve only ever been loyal in one relationship which was my last relationship. In that relationship I would never look anywhere else. It all comes down to respect. When it’s on and off with someone, as it has been before, you never have that respect."

How does Arabella rate herself?

"I would say I’m an 8. My best features are my eyes and my bum."

Let's see if the boys agree...

What – and who – is Arabella looking for in the villa?

The long version: "They have to take care of themselves. I love going to the gym and training. They have to look like they work out and look after themselves. But not too much. For me someone like Anton is a bit too ‘right’, it’s about getting a happy medium. I like nice eyes as well. Personality wise I have a lot of love to give and I like it if someone returns that and makes me feel special. I like a charmer and someone that makes me laugh. That’s the most important thing in a relationship."

The short version: "Michael and Danny."

It'll be interesting to see what Amber and Yawande think of that...

Want to know what Arabella's four claims to fame are? Of course you do...

One: she only bloody worked with superhero movie star Jason Momoa – on not one but two films!

"I did a film with him. Justice League and Wonder Woman. We had to train with him. I was an Amazonian. I remember this guy bear crawling towards me and I was like ‘oh my god, he is so hot.’"

Good luck living up to that boys...

Two: "Being on a billboard on Oxford Street for G Star last year. I was on Sports Direct."

Three: "And I know Montana Brown from series three."

Four: She shares an ex with Love Island's Lucie. "I also dated [series four's] Charlie Frederick for a time."

Eat your heart out Jason...

Let's also remember that Arabella did a full maternity photoshoot (with a fake bump, of course).

When did Arabella date series four star Charlie Frederick?

Arabella and Charlie cracked on after he broke up with Lucie, with Arabella keen to tell Lucie that she's already well-acquainted with her.

“I recognise you!" she said as she entered the villa, "You’re my ex’s ex. I’ve stalked you [on social media] before!”

Charlie hasn't been particularly kind to either of his exes since they entered the villa, accusing Lucie of chasing "Z-list fame" and calling Arabella "sly as f***" on Instagram.

He also posted an Instagram story claiming the two were still in a relationship when Arabella entered the villa and that she'd told him she was heading off to work on a modelling campaign, rather than appear on Love Island.

What was Arabella's journey in the villa?

After arriving in the villa, Arabella set pulses racing – Danny and Anton's in particular. She shared a date with each boy, with each showing their interest in the newbie.

With Danny's relationship with Yewande apparently on the rocks and single Anton looking to couple up, Arabella had her pick of the guys – and her eye was firmly on Danny.

She told Yewande the pair had an "undeniable connection", leaving Danny's other half furious that she had been lied to.

But after a fiery confrontation, Yewande eventually conceded that she couldn't stop Danny from getting to know the newcomer. And it went Arabella's way in the end, with Danny choosing to dump Yewande and pair up with her in a shock re-coupling.

However, as things were starting to get steamy between the pair, Arabella was dumped from the villa by Anton, Michael and Tommy leaving Danny "gutted".


Main image courtesy of You & Your Wedding (photographer: Jason Moore)


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