What do the Love Island champions win?

How much is up for grabs — and how does the 'split or steal' challenge work?

Dani Dyer, Love Island (ITV, EH)

It’s been a long hot summer of grafting, cracking on, “messages”, Casa Amour heartbreak, and ‘salmon’ dives — and now the Love Island finale is upon us.


The last couple standing will be awarded a cash prize, but the drama won’t end there, as there is every chance that one person could mug off their other half and walk away with every last penny.

But exactly how much do the Love Island champions win, and how does the ‘split or steal’ option work?

Here’s everything you need to know…

What do the Love Island champions win?

The winning Love Island couple win a cash prize total of £50,000, but they may be asked to ‘split or steal’.

How does ‘split or steal’ work?

If this year’s series follows the format of its predecessors then, following a public vote, the winning couple will choose a sealed envelope: one containing £0, and the other the full £50k. Whoever has the £50k has the option to split the prize money, or ‘steal’ it and keep the entire lump sum to themselves. So far no one has been savage enough to steal the cash prize.


You can find out how the process works by watching the moment last year’s winners Jack and Dani opened their envelopes…