Forget romance – Amber and Ovie are giving us friendship goals we never knew we wanted.


This year’s answer to Dr Alex and Samira have coupled up as mates after Amber opted to save the world’s most chilled bloke during the latest recoupling, which saw Marvin dumped from the island.

Ovie had joked about packing his bags and ordering a “taxi for one”, but he had nothing to worry about as Amber, plastered with a smile bigger than the Tyne Bridge, chose to couple up with the “funniest guy” she’s “ever met, ever, ever, ever, ever”. Period.

“He’s got such a chilled vibe to him and he gives the best advice ever when I’ve been going through absolute turmoil,” she said of the basketball player who has a penchant for sunglasses and bucket hat combos. “I’d class him as a big brother to me and I’d love to see him find somebody in this villa.”

Despite not being romantically involved, the couple have won over a legion of fans, and if the Twittersphere is anything to go by, they might just be set to steal the win from current favourites Molly and Tommy who have odds of 1/10, according to Ladbrokes, while newly coupled up Amber and Ovie are already placed at 14/1 behind Anton and Belle (15/2), and Curtis and Maura (11/1) who aren't currently coupled up.

If the BFFs become the 2019 champions then they will be the first friendship couple ever to take the title after Joshua Richie and Lauren Richardson finished in third place as friends during series one.

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Yes, it does appear to defy the point of the show – a bunch of singletons find true love during a Majorcan summer jolly. Magazine deals follow and loved-up TV appearances become routine for the winning pair, before more often than not an Instagram statement announces an amicable split.

But wouldn’t you rather the crown – and £50,000 cash – went to two people you really like, who have struck up a genuine and entertaining friendship, over a couple who, let’s be honest, will probably split before next year’s Islanders move in?

This year’s series is severely lacking in solid couples. Previous years have seen Dom and Jess and Amber and Kem, as well as Jack and Dani, Wes and Megan and Josh and Kaz last year. Yes, four out of those five broke down within a year of starring on the show, but throughout their durations they had us all hearing wedding bells.

Ovie comforts Amber after Michael dumped her for Joanna

But this year? Everyone thought Amy and Curtis were more solid than Anton’s abs and look what happened there. Amber and Ovie’s biggest contenders Tommy and Molly have dropped the L-bomb and are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, but some believe he’s secretly in love with dumped Islander Lucie. Anna and Jordan are about as convincing as Michael and Joanna – not very – and although Anton finding a woman who wants to shave his bum has made us believe in love again, him and Belle are not winner material. And unless Chris has something up his sleeve, then he and Maura have about as much chance of winning as Curtis and Francesca, if they all remain coupled up.

So bar Tommy and Molly, Amber and Ovie look set to build the strongest bond in the villa – and who knows, they may even end up falling in love to become the show's best – and cutest – success story. After all, friendship forms the basis of a strong relationship and Ovie’s chilled demeanour appears to be the antidote to breaking through Amber’s 'wall'.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae on Love Island
Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae on Love Island (ITV)

Fans, including Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo, are begging for the BFFs to fall in love so the nation can rejoice harder than when England reached the World Cup semi-final.

But whether or not they remain friends or blossom into something romantic (we have everything crossed!) the duo are far more enjoyable to watch than Tommy going doe-eyed at Molly, or Michael trying to convince Joanna he really is over Amber – despite his heart rate proving otherwise.


Love Island is on ITV2 tonight at 9pm