It's taken up eight weeks and nearly 56 hours of our summer, but the sun is finally setting on this series of Love Island.


So who is your winning couple for 2018? What's been the most shocking controversy? And the villa's biggest villain?

It's time to have YOUR say in our big end of series Love Island polls.

There's a total of 10 categories to vote in, so have your say below on the most shocking moments – from Georgia and Ellie's big kitchen fight to Jack and Georgia's did they / didn't they kiss.

Plus you can let us know who you think has been playing the biggest game all series and, most importantly, who you want to be crowned your winners of series four...

1. Who do you want to win Love Island 2018?

2. Who is Love Island's biggest villain of 2018?

Love Island Megan and Alex

3. Who's been your favourite Love Island star of 2018?

4. What has been Love Island's most controversial moment of 2018?

Love Island - dumping twist - Josh and Kaz

5. What's been the best moment of Love Island this year?


6. Who's been the unluckiest in love this series?

Samira Mighty and Alex George on Love Island 2018

7. What's been the most shocking moment of Love Island 2018?

Love Island Friday 6 July

8. And the cringiest moment of the series?

Love Island Megan and Wes

9. Who's been the series biggest game-player?

10. And what has been the biggest love triangle from Love Island 2018?

Love Island episode 15 - Laura Anderson

Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2