Laura Anderson is one of this year's original Love Island cast members.


The 29-year-old air stewardess is from Scotland but is currently living in Dubai. She’s racked up an impressive nine boyfriends in her time – two of whom “were in the public eye”. Laura says one of her exes called her “argumentative” but she reckons she’s learned from that and is “quite motherly” and “intense”.

Of her decision to go on the ITV2 show this year, Laura told and other press: "I was living in Dubai and had a really good job, cabin crew, it was a good life and I’d done it for a long time.

"But I broke up with my boyfriend and I don’t make drastic decisions often so I thought I need to go for it, this is something that will push me to make a change. I love the show and meeting everyone so far has been amazing."

Aged 29, Laura thinks she’s got one up on the other Love Island contestants – “In some ways it’s an advantage being older as I’m wiser and know what I want more, so I can judge people quicker.”

Asked which former contestant she was most like, Laura told us she was "Olivia and maybe a hint of Camilla. I know they’re very different. I think Olivia is hilarious to be honest But I have a softer side like Camilla so both. People think I look like Olivia..."

Laura even went so far as to reveal she's been mistaken for Olivia Attwood while on holiday! Well, we can definitely see the resemblance...

Laura and Olivia - Love Island
Laura and Olivia - Love Island (ITV)

Laura says her best attributes are her hair extensions – “glamorous” – and her style – “I’m dying to take my whole wardrobe into the villa”. She rates her sense of humour, too: “I’m funny I think, I always laugh at my own jokes.”

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She admits, though, that her voice “might annoy people and that perhaps she tells “too many jokes”.

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Did Laura date Dane Bowers?

Reports have claimed that Laura dated Another Level star Dane Bowers, and in February this year the Love Island star was posting pictures of herself and Dane on days out (although not overtly confirming the relationship):

Back in February, both Laura and Dane were living in Dubai which would tie in with them being together. Although in April Dane posted this on Instagram. Was it about Laura? We'll probably never know...

What is Laura looking for in a boy?

Laura likes “a rugged, real man”. She says she goes for people who “know what they want" and that “age isn’t a big deal at all”.

The last thing she wants is “arrogance and selfishness” in a boy. “It’s so nice to see an amazing guy who doesn’t realise how amazing he is, instead of someone who is a complete idiot and thinks they are bigger and better than anyone else,” she says.

Who is Laura Anderson? Key facts:

Who is Laura coupled up with on Love Island? Wes Nelson

Age: 29

Job: Airline cabin crew

Instagram: lauraanderson1x

Location: Stirling, Scotland


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2