Love Island is getting a new Laura.


23-year-old Laura Crane is an Instagram influencer, model and professional surfer who is about to make waves in the villa. She says she "might have to tread on some toes at this point" as she becomes one of four new bombshells hitting the ITV2 show.

On what she's famous for, Laura said: "I have had success in my surfing, I represented Great Britain since I was 16 and then I did the qualifying series for the World Tour for two years.

"Since I was 16, I’ve been travelling the world competing in surfing so I’ve seen a lot of things that perhaps some haven’t seen and I’ve had different experiences," she added.

Born in Bristol, Laura moved to the coastal village of Croyde in Devon when she was 11. Her dad taught her to surf, and by the time she was a teenager she was competing in local surfing competitions. She's travelled all over the world but now lives in Ericeira, Portugal – a mecca for surfing.

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Laura has had two ex-boyfriends. "They were both good guys," she explained. "They both ended up staying friends with me after the relationships ended. Now I’m based in one place, I feel like it’s time for me to look for somebody that is willing to join me on my adventures."

She also stars in the video for Max George's new single Barcelona, and was described by the former Wanted singer as "the star of the video". Check her out below:

Max was gushing about Laura on Twitter when he found out she was going into the Love Island villa, too:

Before going into the villa, Laura was asked about the worst date she's ever been on. She said: "I started talking to this guy on Instagram, went on a date with him, arrived and he was much shorter than me.

"I want to date someone taller than me. As the date progressed, he told me everything about his life and didn’t ask anything about me. I don’t even think I said where I lived. I did a runner. Went to the toilet and never went back."

She doesn't have too many worries about heading into the villa, either – just the sleeping arrangements. "I’m a really fidgety sleeper which might annoy the person I’m in a bed with!" she said.

Laura uploads videos of her surfing to YouTube and you can check out her channel below:

And she's already got plenty of fans – who can't believe she's heading into the villa:

What is Laura looking for in a boy?

When it comes to her other half, Laura isn't too swayed by looks...

"I am looking for somebody who knows what they want, who is confident in their own skin and who is ready for an adventure," she said.

Who is Laura Crane? Key facts:

Age: 23

Job: Surfer

Instagram: @lauraloucrane

Location: Devon


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2