Apparently when 26-year-old Love Island contestant Jack walks into a room, he always makes a statement. "Not necessarily on purpose, I'm just so clumsy so I'll walk in and knock something over. Everyone knows 'Jack is here!'"


So clumsy is sales manager Jack that he once had a date disaaaaster thanks to his wayward limbs. "I took a girl out to a lovely pub next to the Thames and I was trying to be cool, ordered some drinks for us and then as I put my hand up to pay for them, I knocked the drinks back on to the barman and they poured down him and smashed on the floor. He was fuming. I am a walking disaster."

Clumsiness aside, Jack reckons he can be "quite selfish" – "if I don't want to do something, I won't do it." But he's hoping the Love Island girls will fall for his really nice teeth – "everyone compliments me on them" – and sense of humour: "I'm really funny, I think I'm funny".

Jack has three long-term exes and split with the latest one last summer. But it's all amicable. "I don't think she'd have anything bad to say. She emailed me last week to wish me a happy birthday. I think she'll be shocked to see me on Love Island."

He says he cheated when he was younger (and "sillier") but is now looking for love on the Island. And a bromance or two. "I think friendship will be really important, that gets you through things. Girls so far in my life have come and gone whereas my mates have been there the whole time so to have a bond with the boys is just as important as finding love in there."

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Indeed, Jack's Instagram has a "bro" (and a drink) in pretty much every picture...

What is Jack looking for in a girl?

"I haven't got a particular type but overall I want to find someone that I can have a real laugh with and who I actually want to spend time with," says Jack. "I want to be relaxed with someone and have a laugh, I want to find a bond with someone."

His ideal date is going out for a drink and getting to know each other – "having a laugh, having a dance" – but girls being fake, talking behind people's backs or farting is a real turn-off. "I don't want a girl farting or burping in front of me".

Yeah, good luck with that, Jack.

Who is Jack Fincham? Key facts:

Coupled up with: Dani Dyer

Age: 26

Job: Stationary sales manager

Twitter: @jack_charlesf

Instagram: @jack_charlesf

Location: Kent


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2