Kazimir "Kaz" Crossley's biggest worry heading into the villa is that she's going to forget that the cameras are on, and get caught picking her nose.


The 23-year-old makeup artist already has some Love Island connections – she did Kem's makeup for Chris and Kem's music video, which in all honesty is best forgotten. But more impressively, she has worked on Stormzy's videos, too.

"I'm not really into looks," she says," the personality needs to stand out for me more." She has already set her sights on a current Love Islander: "in the villa, I fancy Josh".

She says she has never cheated on anyone, and is looking for honesty first and foremost. "Some of the boys in the villa are even lying to their girl then going on dates and saying they like that girl too!" she says.

Her biggest turn-off is arrogance. "What Adam did to Rosie puts me off, he gets what he wants and he needs to learn you can’t always get what you want."

What does Kazimir want to get out of her time on Love Island?

While her main aim is to meet someone in the villa and start a relationship, she is adamant that she wants to make friends, too.

"I’m a girls’ girl. I have been in situations where a girl I don’t know has rung me and asked me something and I’m always truthful to them," she says. "I would say that friendship is important to me in the villa because at the end of the day we all need to live with each other. “

Who is Kazimir Crossley? Key facts:

Age: 23

Job: Makeup artist

Instagram: KazimirCrossley


Location: London