26-year-old Josh Denzel is funny, energetic, has a good sense of humour and is fairly good looking - at least that's what the Love Island star says he's been told.


"I think I am a well turned out individual, I’m in good shape, I dress well and people do say that I’ve got a fairly decent smile. I’m a bit of an entertainer and I like to make people laugh," says the presenter, who has hosted videos for the likes of LADbible and SPORTbible.

He's met plenty of famous faces, including Anthony Joshua, the England rugby team and Harry Kane, so we're guessing he could do a little bit of name-dropping along the way.

"I am a bit of a boys’ boy," he says. "I’ve got about 15 boys in my friendship group and no girls so I’m definitely a lads’ lad. If I’m finding love, I wouldn’t want to let too much get in the way."

That should stand him in good stead with the boys in the villa, but how does he feel about meeting the girls?

"My only worry would be that no one would fancy me!" he confesses. "That’s not an ideal situation. I’ll end up looking a bit of a lemon sat by the pool by myself crying into my water bottle…"

What does Josh look for in a girl?

He says his ideal partner is "someone who I can get along with, who I look forward to seeing every single day. Someone who gets me and who I can have a bit of banter with as well."

Josh has recently come out of a long term relationship and is now "single and ready to mingle". He admits that he misses the "love" and "affection" that comes with having an other half. "I think my ex would say I’m fun to be around, bring a lot of energy and good vibes but that I’m not around a huge amount because I travel a lot for work," he explains.

Does he have his eye on any of the girls in the villa? "I fancy Hayley and Georgia. And as someone fresh to the villa, I’m very excited to meet any other newbies."

But will they be as excited to meet him?

Who is Josh Denzel? Key facts:

Who is Josh coupled up with on Love Island? Georgia Steel

Age: 26

Job: Social Media Host

Location: North London

Instagram: @joshdenzel

Twitter: @joshdenzelDW


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2