24-year-old model Megan Barton Hanson is a model from Essex who's planning to bring chill vibes to the Love Island villa.


"I'm very real, I'm more chilled than the other girls," says Megan, who has modelled for 66 magazine and posts some rather, erm, saucy pictures to her Instagram: @meganbartonhanson_

Megan's followers have grown from 61k to a whopping 374k on Insta since she's been in the villa.

So what is it that sets her apart from the girls in the villa then? "I think the first obvious thing is my look," she explains. "The other girls are all very toned and I’m quite curvy. I’ve got big boobs and a big bum."

Megan says she's "very honest" and has no time for people who play games.

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"A lot of people our age play games or put across an impression of how they want to be seen, and then their true colours come out," she explains. "My mum says sometimes I’m too honest. I’m also very loyal."

Megan thinks she might feel a bit awkward when she joins the islanders because she can be shy. She's happy to be going into the villa a little bit later, though, and says it gives her an advantage because she's been able to "suss some of them out".

"I think I will get on with Dani," Megan says. "She’s real and isn’t holding anything back. She’s not bitchy and says it how it is. I’m not sure about Hayley. I felt sorry for Georgia and Rosie when they walked in, given how Hayley reacted. The only couple I wouldn’t want to break up is Laura and Wes because I can tell they really like each other."

She's already got her eye on Eyal and Niall, but hasn't got much time for Adam because she thinks he comes across as arrogant. "Who gives themselves a 9 out of 10?"

What is Megan looking for in a boy?

Megan knows exactly what she's looking for in a guy. She prefers men who are "dark and tanned looks wise" but says she's "definitely more about personality".

She wants someone she can "chat endlessly with" and thinks Love Islanders Niall and Eyal both have a lot of potential.

Megan and Eyal kiss on Love Island, YouTube, SL
Megan and Eyal kiss on Love Island, YouTube, SL

"Niall is perfection – I have a thing for mouths and he has such a good mouth. Normally I go for older guys but both of them are so attractive. I’m quite spiritual and I like yoga and I think Eyal has more to him that I want to discover."

Will she have a fight on her hands?

Who is Megan Barton Hanson? Key facts:

Who is Megan coupled up with? Eyal Booker

Age: 24

Job: Model

Location: Essex

Instagram: @meganbartonhanson_


Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2