27-year-old doctor Alex is aware that Love Island and medical degrees don't usually go hand-in-hand, but he has a dream of becoming a part-time medic, part-time TV person, perhaps even intermingling the two – "I think there's probably room for a new TV doctor!"


He says that he couldn't turn down the "great opportunity" of entering the villa and told RadioTimes.com he's "spoken to [the hospital] and said immediately after things may be hectic, but I have planned my return and spoken about being part time."

Alex is, however, a little nervous about the negative impact the show could have on his job, admitting he is worried about being constantly under the watchful eye of the TV cameras...

"I just want to make sure that I behave in the right way," he says. "I absolutely love my job, I’ve worked since the age of 13 to get here and I go to work every day and I genuinely enjoy it."

Alex says his best attributes are his height and his ability to "get on with everyone", but he has been single for the last three years.

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"I had a girlfriend for four years... We weren't friends afterwards but we've both moved on," he says. "I think she would say I was very loyal and a good boyfriend to her, things didn't work out, we were young and as we got older we just changed."

He's never actively cheated, but "at the end of my last relationship I was texting somebody else... I was a lot younger back then and I've learnt from that and I certainly wouldn't cheat on anyone now."

He also likes posting photos of himself standing awkwardly next to flashy cars. Nice.

And he's admitted to being nervous about going into the villa, telling us, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, I'm not used to it but it is a shared experience. We're all very different people but we're going in and are unique because we're in an environment we're not used to. I don't want to make an idiot out of myself, I want to be myself but I don't want to do anything stupid."

What is Alex looking for in a girl?

"The best way to my heart is to be honest, open, passionate about something as well," he says. "I am attracted to people who have drive and passion."

As for turn-offs? "I don’t like high maintenance girls. I think it’s brilliant to look good but spending three hours to get ready to go and walk on the beach is too much for me."

Who is Dr Alex George? Key facts:

Coupled up with: Ellie Brown

Age: 27

Job: A&E doctor

Location: Carmarthen, West Wales

Instagram: @adlgeorge1


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2