On tonight's show, the Islanders wake up to the sound of screaming and crying – no, it's not Chris and Liv having another row – it's the arrival of six beautiful bouncing bundles of plastic and internal electronics, and it's up to the couples to look after them...


“I can’t believe I’ve got a baby and I haven’t even had sex!” says Georgia.

The Islanders will be feeding the babies, changing them and – most important, of course – giving them cool names...

Sam and Georgia call their daughter Star, middle name Sign.

Camilla and Jamie's – also a girl – is named Jamie Jr. “She is going to be a strong, independent woman,” says Camilla.

Olivia wants to call her and Chris's son Kai after her dad, but after a bit of bickering they eventually settle on Cash Hughes. “We named him after our favourite thing,” she says.

It's safe to say, Chris is feeling pretty emotional about being blessed with a son...


“I think this morning he has already brought out an emotional side in me,” he says. “With Olivia, we have stopped the mishaps we’ve had together and we’ve got to focus on the baby now, because ultimately he is our main responsibility.”

Luckily for the baby, Olivia and the rest of the "milfs" are sent out for lunch together, leaving Chris to devote himself fully to little Cash.


“He’s got his dad’s eyes like a husky and he’s got his mother’s temperament," he says.

Good luck, kid...


Love Island is tonight at 9pm on ITV2