Jack Fowler, aged 22, is here to clear up any confusion about the name of the show that he is entering. “It’s Love Island, not Loyal Island,” he says, talking about the lengths he would be prepared to go to in order to get the girl who's right for him.


“I wouldn’t steal someone’s girl and be a mug about it, I’d be upfront and honest from the start,” he says. “I’m here for the same reason as the other boys in there, it’s nothing personal if I have to break a couple up.”

Jack wants to be appreciated for more than just his looks. “I’ve got nice eyes and I’m ripped,” he says, “but going past that, I’m mature for my age, people think I’m older than I am on an emotional level.”

He says he was “devastated” when his ex-girlfriend left him a year and a half ago, but now he’s ready to go into the villa. “I’m going to enjoy every moment, if I find a girl then brilliant!”

Jack adds: “I wear my heart on my sleeve a lot. I’m quite open so I won’t be scared to approach a girl and tell her how I’m feeling.”

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What is Jack looking for in a girl?

“I haven’t really got a type,” he says, “it’s all about getting on a level with someone. I’d like a brunette girl who is curvy with a nice bum and a nice smile and nice eyes. But we also need a connection.”

Who is Jack Fowler? Key facts:

Age: 22

Job: Semi-professional footballer

Instagram: _jackfowler_


Location: London