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I'm A Celebrity 2016 Day 8: Adam faces his spider phobia and invents his own language

The Bushtucker Trial was so scary that Adam temporarily forgot how to speak English

Published: Tuesday, 22nd November 2016 at 7:21 am

Just when it looked like tensions might be rising between the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! contestants, they only went and calmed it all back down again. Martin Roberts dried his tears and joined in with the camp banter, while everyone went out of their way to include him and bring him into the fold. What a lovely bunch.


Day 8 also featured an extremely entertaining Bushtucker Trial – although when Adam Thomas emerged victorious from the Bushtucker Food Factory, covered in an ungodly mixture of pig's lard, feathers and cockroaches, Ant and Dec thought it best not to give him a congratulatory hug.


Here's what happened:

Martin Roberts finally found his place in the jungle

It has been rocky start for the Homes Under the Hammer star. Like a petulant toddler he refused to eat his rice and beans and then – perhaps tormented by hunger – had a major falling-out with Danny Baker, who accused him of not pulling his weight as a water collector. It all ended in tears and hurt feelings (from Martin, that is. No waterworks from Danny).

When morning arrived, Martin very pointedly revealed his overnight efforts: “I have been beavering away like crazy, gathering wood, collecting water. I’ve been to more places than hot dinners, so nobody can say anything.”

A fresh day meant a fresh apology from Danny, who decided to keep the peace. "It’s all over, it’s Monday, that’s all we know," he announced gallantly, looming over Martin in his sleeping bag, who smiled sweetly and responded: “I really appreciate you saying something, thanks mate.”

The two new best of friends were soon giggling and swapping stories like they had known each other for years. In the Bush Telegraph Larry Lamb observed: "They’re like a funny old couple really, a ruck in the evening and in the morning having a leg over.”


Alert the linguists and the anthropologists: a brand new language has been discovered in the Australian jungle, right in the middle of the Bushtucker Food Factory. The only known speaker is one Adam Thomas, who suddenly becomes fluent in times of stress.

Yes, poor old Adam had to face the Bushtucker trial of his nightmares. “No screaming," he said, psyching himself up for the challenge. "I’m going to man up on this one. I’m not going to scream. I’m not going to cry. I’m going to be a man."

Forget the toxic masculinity, Adam: you can cry if you want to.

The trial involved finding 12 stars in 12 minutes, hidden among the standard I'm A Celebrity fare of rancid water and rotting vegetables and rats and scorpions and crabs and stinking pig's lard.

But the absolute worst part was Adam's greatest nemesis, the spiders. “Aww boys, you got me good... you got me good," he yelled on spotting them, before suddenly bursting out into his mysterious new language. Ant and Dec were perplexed, but it made for one of the most entertaining Bushtucker Trials in the history of I'm A Celebrity.

Despite the hellish conditions, Adam got 11 stars out of a possible 12 and earned the camp a meal of goat's leg, though as Scarlett noted: "Literally it was like chewing boots."

Scarlett Sigourney Moffatt revealed her supernatural name

The Dingo Dollar Challenge saw Lisa Snowdon and Wayne Bridge sorting out Kiosk Keith's hut and correctly answering a question about the public's belief in extra-terrestrial life. But far more interesting was the revelation it inspired from Gogglebox star Scarlett...

“My middle name is actually Sigourney," she admitted. "I’m named after me Dad’s favourite movie which is Alien, named after the actress Sigourney Weaver who gives birth to an alien. I was born to believe in aliens really.”


This tops even the worst jungle critters

But despite her predisposition to believe in the supernatural, Scarlett Sigourney Moffatt showed a healthy skepticism about how ghosts are depicted, coming up with an excellent point: where are all the "cavemen ghosts" and the modern ones in jeans and T-shirts? Someone should investigate.

The camp president was really on fire today, and when Danny lobbed a hat at Sam, who – after numerous attempts – finally managed the feat of landing it on her head, Scarlett noted: "They said it couldn’t be done. That’s what they said about Chicken Kiev and it happened.”

Jadam had some special moments

Joel may have teased Adam plenty, but the pair have a lovely – and competitive – bromance going on.

"Adam came back. 11 stars," Joel reported in the Bush Telegraph. "I’m very proud of the old northern chap especially the fact that there were spiders involved.

"He’s like a little son of the group and it’s just so great that he’s done it. Proud of him as my bro.”

But he couldn't resist pointing out: "Technically he didn’t beat me because although he got 11 stars and I got 10 stars my 10 star was 100%. His 11 stars of 12 stars is 91.6 recurring so Dommet’s still the winner.”

In the words of Scrubs: It's guy love between two guys.


Who is in the next Bushtucker trial?

Next up: Cage Rage. The public chose Danny and Adam to face a jungle water chamber in a quest to collect stars – but predictably, they won't be alone beneath the surface.

Tune in to find out whether Adam's special language makes another appearance, and whether Danny learns to speak it too.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! continues at 9.00pm on ITV

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