Kicking off on Channel 4 tonight is the channel's latest 'whydunnit', The Gathering, which is sure to keep viewers guessing as we're set to follow the case of working-class student Kelly, who is attacked at an illicit rave.


Across the episodes, we're set to follow the people around her as we soon see that each character has their own motive for attacking her. But who's done it?

Well, has your exclusive first look at the series (above), and it looks as though some of the suspicion could lie with Jessica (Sadie Soverall).

In the teaser clip of the second episode, we see Jessica making her way up a country road, making a worried phone call to Adam (Sonny Walker).

She says: "Adam, please call me. Something really bad's happened."

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But before she can finish her sentence, she's interrupted by a car that speeds past and parks behind her. We soon see Jessica's mother, Natalie (Vinette Robinson), rush out of the 4x4, saying that Jessica is in so much trouble.

Sadie Soverall as Jessica in The Gathering, wearing a gymnastics costume
Sadie Soverall as Jessica in The Gathering. James Stack / Channel 4 / World Productions

Before she can fully let rip at her daughter, though, she sees that her face is covered in bloody cuts, and Jessica soon breaks down in tears in her mother's arms.

It's not long before a police car goes whizzing past them with its sirens going, and Jessica tells Natalie that they need to go.

But what is Jessica running from? And what is she scared of the police finding out? There are certainly plenty of questions going into the series, and we're sure to get answers slowly but surely as the drama unfolds.

It's set to be quite the series packed full of twists as the fallout from Kelly's attack reverberates through the community, with all eyes on who is the prime suspect.

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According to the series synopsis: "Filmed and set in Liverpool and around Merseyside, The Gathering is ultimately a whodunnit – or, in this case, a-why-done-it. Focusing on a group of disparate teenagers and their parents, each character has a motive for attacking Kelly.

"An accomplished gymnast, on the national team pathway, Kelly is committed to her strict training schedule but finds freedom and liberation in the joyous, unregulated world of free running.

"Each episode details the events leading up to the attack from a fresh perspective, unpacking the rivalries and relationships of a disparate group of teens and their parents. As their secrets and lies are laid bare, the truth behind the attack emerges."

As well as Soverall and Robinson starring in the series, they're joined by Eva Morgan as Kelly, Luther's Warren Brown as Kelly's father Paul and Richard Coyle as Jules.

Speaking about some of the twists in the series that even most of the cast weren't privvy to as they shot it, Soverall told "I think in the first week we were all kind of like, 'Who is it?' because we still didn't know and everyone has a reason.

"That's what's so clever about the way Helen's [Walsh] written it, is that it could be argued, even if it's very far-fetched, that a lot of characters could be the culprits. That's what keeps you on the edge of your seat."

The Gathering starts on 14 May at 9pm on Channel 4, with the box set available to stream from midnight.


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