It's been over a year since Luther: The Fallen Sun was released on Netflix, and while that film proved a hit with viewers, staying in the streamer's Top 10 for weeks, we have yet to hear anything official regarding a potential sequel.


The first film followed up on the five-season BBC series Luther, which starred Elba as the titular detective investigating serial killers around London.

While we've been waiting to hear news of the character's future, Elba has reiterated his intention to return to the role at some point, as part of an interview in this week's issue of Radio Times magazine.

Asked if Luther's iconic trench coat is still waiting for him, Elba said: "The coat is still waiting, yeah. Luther is my legacy project. It’s the character I’ve played the longest in my life; there are definitely still things I want him to do."

Idris Elba as John Luther in Luther: The Fallen Sun in a grey coat and blue suit
Idris Elba as John Luther in Luther: The Fallen Sun. John Wilson/Netflix

This follows previous comments made by Elba, who told Collider in July 2023: "Luther ended up being one of the top five most streamed films on Netflix, which is an incredible achievement, since it was the first film from the television show. I'm hoping to make another one."

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He continued: "I love Luther. I love that character, and I love where I can possibly take him, as a story and as a character. So, yeah, keep your fingers crossed."

If Luther does return in a sequel, there will be many fans hoping that Ruth Wilson's Alice, a serial killer, nemesis and sometimes love interest for John, also comes back, despite having seemingly died at the end of the BBC series.

In August of last year, Wilson hinted that there could be a return on the cards, saying that she "can't comment" on the matter.

She added: "Sorry. That's a very Alice answer. Wait and see as always, I'll keep the mystery forever unfolding. She's [Alice] always close, she's close to me all the time, so Alice is never far away."

Meanwhile, director Jamie Payne told ahead of the first film's release, with regards to Alice: "We never saw a body. And that is exciting. I think, as a Luther fan, it's exciting that those stories are out there to be explored, potentially."

Luther: The Fallen Sun is available to stream on Netflix. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.


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