Squid Game star hints at character’s possible return in season 2

Their story does feel unfinished...


The fates of most characters in Squid Game were pretty clear by the time the credits rolled on the final episode – and it was a particularly grizzly fate for the majority of them in the Netflix international smash hit.


One character who may still have some life left in him though is Jun-Ho. He spent most of the series lurking around at the site of the games undetected, hoping that he would find his brother alive after he disappeared while playing the games years earlier.

He soon finds himself hunted by the mysterious Front Man and when the two come face to face on a clifftop and the mask is removed, Jun-Ho gets the shock of his life to see that his lost long brother, Hwang In-ho (Lee Byung-hun), is heavily involved in the barbaric games. Hwang then shoots him, but not in the head, and Jun-Ho takes a tumble into the ocean below.

In a show where we see most of the deaths in quite gruesome detail, it is quite telling that Jun-Ho’s fate was left a little more up in the air. The man behind him, Wi Ha-Jun, has been chatting to Deadline about his character’s potential survival, and what he would like to see should he get the invite back for Squid Game season 2.

“I’m dying to know what happened to him. I want him to return alive, find his brother and ask him tons of questions” Ha-Jun says. “As a brother, I would ask him sincerely. As a detective, I want to explore the overall secrets behind the game as well. I really hope to see Jun-Ho come back alive and explore all these questions. I hope to see a more brotherly-love side of their relationship as well.”

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But if the two brothers do come face to face, Ha-Jan thinks that a reconciliation could be a long shot given what he now knows. “I don’t know. I will have to hear why he made certain choices”. Fingers crossed we will get to see this reunion as we would love to hear how Hwang In-ho talks his way out of this one.


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