Netflix's Squid Game is on track to become the streamer's biggest series ever, with the Korean drama reaching number one in 90 counties within 10 days of its release.


The nine-part thriller follows a group of people in heavy debt who are invited to participate in a series of children's games for the chance to win ₩45.6 billion – however, those who lose are immediately killed.

Squid Game is predicted to surpass Bridgerton, which has been watched by over 82 million, as Netflix's top show.

The series premiered on September 17th and has since become the most watched series this week in the UK, having entered the UK Top 10 list two days after arriving on Netflix.

According to Netflix, 95 per cent of Squid Game viewers are located outside of Korea, with the drama reaching the number one spot in countries such as Qatar, Oman, Ecuador and Bolivia.

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Writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk recently revealed the meaning behind Squid Game's name, explaining: "Squid Game is a game I used to play as a child in the schoolyard or the streets of the neighbourhood.

"This is a story about people who used to play this game as children and return to play it as adults.

“It was one of the most physical and it was also one of my favourite games. I felt that this game could be the most symbolic children’s game that could represent the kind of society we live in today.”

Alongside Bridgerton, Netflix's most popular shows to date include Lupin and The Witcher, which have both been watched by 76 million households.

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