Lucifer fans and stars campaign to save it after cancelled show ends on huge cliffhanger

Could the devil drama starring Tom Ellis be resurrected alongside Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Lucifer is over. After three seasons Fox has cancelled the supernatural drama starring Miranda’s Tom Ellis fallen angel. But could fans rescue the show from TV purgatory?


Viewers have started up a campaign to continue the series, especially after the third season’s cliffhanger that saw – SPOILERS AHOY – the titular demon’s devil face taking form right in front of love interest Chloe.

It was a twist that left viewers calling out for what happened next, exactly the reaction Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson wanted. However, he didn’t anticipate the show being cancelled…

And that’s why fans – including Tom Ellis himself – are asking another broadcaster to #SaveLucifer and #pickupLucifer.

And Lucifer fans even saw this campaign trending on Twitter…

But could this campaign save the show? It’s possible: take a look at Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Andy Samberg cop comedy was also cancelled by Fox, but was then taken up by US network NBC.


Could Lucifer be fortunate enough to be rescued in the same manner? There’s every chance. After all, the show has the luck of the devil on its side.