Meet the cast of Lucifer season 5 on Netflix

The saints and sinners appearing in the new episodes.

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Aimee Garcia on Netflix

Supernatural drama Lucifer is back for a fifth season on Netflix, reuniting its ensemble cast led by Tom Ellis as the former Lord of Hell and current ace detective.


He’s got his work cut out for him this time, taking on a second role as Lucifer’s devious twin brother Michael, who arrives on Earth with uncertain intentions.

Fans are no doubt concerned what this could mean for his relationship with “The Detective” AKA Chloe Decker, who he was forced to leave behind in a heartbreaking scene in the season four finale.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Lucifer season five on Netflix:

Tom Ellis plays Lucifer and Michael

Tom Ellis stars in Lucifer season five on Netflix

Who is Lucifer? Lucifer Morningstar is a fallen angel and the former Lord of Hell, who moves to Los Angeles for a serious lifestyle change. He soon meets Detective Chloe Decker and becomes a consultant for the LAPD, solving murders with his God-given ability to extract secret desires from the humans he meets. At the end of season four, he left Earth to return to hell, where his demons were getting out of hand. However, that leaves his life in LA open for the taking.

Who is Michael? Michael is Lucifer’s twin brother, with whom he has always had a rivalry. He comes down to Earth from heaven after Lucifer returns “home”, but what are his intentions?

What else has Tom Ellis been in? Tom Ellis may be known to fans of British comedy as Gary, the handsome waiter in Miranda Hart’s self-titled BBC sitcom.

Lauren German plays Detective Chloe Decker

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Who is Detective Decker? Decker is Lucifer’s crime-solving partner at the LAPD. Since the moment they met, he has flirted with her regularly but only recently have they started getting serious about their relationship. With Lucifer gone, Decker is finding it hard to adjust to life without him – and Michael isn’t going to make things any easier.

What else has Lauren German been in? Prior to joining Lucifer, German had main roles in US dramas Hawaii Five-0 and Chicago Fire.

DB Woodside plays Amenadiel

DB Woodside plays Amenadiel in Lucifer on Netflix

Who is Amenadiel? Amenadiel is Lucifer’s brother, an angel who comes down to Earth initially to convince Lucifer to go back to hell. However, he too begins to enjoy life in the mortal realm, even fathering a baby with a psychotherapist named Dr Linda Martin.

What else has DB Woodside been in? Woodside’s past roles include Robin Wood on the teen fantasy series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Wayne Palmer on action-packed drama 24.

Lesley Ann-Brandt plays Mazikeen

Lesley Ann-Brandt plays Mazikeen in Lucifer on Netflix

Who is Mazikeen? Mazikeen is a demon who came up to Earth with Lucifer and was once ferociously loyal to him. However, as he has become more distant from her, she has acted increasingly unpredictably. She remains heartbroken after admitting her love for Eve, the first woman, feelings that were not reciprocated.

What else has Lesley Ann-Brandt been in? Brandt broke out on historical drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand, where she played the role of Naevia. She also appeared in the TNT fantasy series The Librarians, which starred X-Men icon Rebecca Romijn.

Kevin Alejandro plays Dan Espinoza

Kevin Alejandro plays Dan Espinoza in Lucifer on Netflix

Who is Dan Espinoza? Dan is Chloe’s ex-husband and the father of her daughter, who works alongside her at the LAPD. Historically, he has had a bad relationship with Lucifer, who frequently makes jokes at his expense and refers to him as “Detective Douche.”

What else has Kevin Alejandro been in? Alejandro played Nate Moretta on acclaimed crime drama Southland, Jesus Velazquez on HBO’s True Blood, and the villainous Sebastian Blood on DC Comics series Arrow.

Rachael Harris plays Dr Linda Martin

Rachael Harris plays Dr Linda Martin in Lucifer

Who is Dr Linda Martin? Linda is Lucifer’s psychotherapist, who knows of his true identity as the genuine Lord of Hell and has become involved in the celestial world, having a baby with angel Amenadiel.

What else has Rachael Harris been in? Prior to joining Lucifer, she played Sheila Sazs on legal drama Suits and appeared as Susan Heffley in four Diary of a Wimpy Kid films.

Aimee Garcia plays Ella Lopez

Aimee Garcia plays Ella Lopez in Lucifer

Who is Ella Lopez? Ella is the LAPD’s resident forensic scientist, who works on murder cases alongside Lucifer, Chloe and Dan. She does not realise that Lucifer is the actual devil, believing him instead to be a method actor.

What else has Aimee Garcia been in? Garcia played Jamie Batista on serial killer drama Dexter, appearing in the final three seasons. Her film roles include the 2014 RoboCop remake, and 2019’s animated The Addams Family reboot.

Scarlett Estevez plays Beatrice ‘Trixie’ Espinoza

Scarlett Estevez plays Trixie in Lucifer

Who is Trixie? Trixie is Chloe and Dan’s daughter, who is well-liked by all the characters, but has a particularly close bond with Mazikeen.

What else has Scarlett Estevez been in? Estevez has appeared in Mark Wahlberg/Will Ferrell comedy Daddy’s Home and its sequel, as well as Disney Channel series Bunk’d.


Lucifer season five is available on Netflix from Friday 21st August. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best TV series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide.