Judgement day has arrived for Lucifans! That's right, the final season of Netflix hit Lucifer is now available to stream, bringing an end to the sweeping fantasy romance many have avidly followed for the last five years.


When we last saw Tom Ellis' crime-solving devil, he had just won a war against his devious twin brother Michael, which had resulted in him being selected as the new God (for more on that, read our breakdown of the Lucifer season five ending).

While he seemed ready for the new gig at the time, the Lucifer season six synopsis reveals that he has been hesitant about taking the promotion, worryingly leaving the world without a God to guide it.

That's not the only challenge that awaits this season, as we'll also meet new character Rory (Deadpool's Brianna Hildebrand), a rebellious angel who looks set to cause some serious trouble for Lucifer, but the reason for her vendetta is top secret.

If your keen to get the verdict on how the DC Comics drama ends, check out our Lucifer season six review to find out whether the last batch of episodes provide a fitting finale.

We've compiled everything else there is to know about Lucifer season six here on this page, from release date to teased story arcs and episode titles to new cast members, so read on for all the details.

Lucifer season 6 release date

Lucifer season six dropped on Netflix on Friday 10th September, a date that the streamer had announced about a month earlier on social media in a tweet featuring posters of the main cast.

The final season's shoot came to an emotional end in March 2021, with co-stars Tom Ellis and DB Woodside sending heartfelt messages via social media after performing their final scenes together.

What time was Lucifer season 6 released on Netflix?

Lucifer season six became available to stream on Netflix UK from 8:00AM (BST) on Friday 10th September, meaning die-hard fans could enjoy an episode over breakfast before they headed off to work or school.

In the US, Lucifer season six was available from 12AM (PT) or 2AM (CT), while it will also arrive in India from midnight, meaning some international fans could choose to have a late-night binge watch instead.

Lucifer season 6 cast

Lucifer season 6 cast
Lucifer season 6 cast Netflix

The full Lucifer cast reunites one last time for the final season, led by Tom Ellis and Lauren German as star-crossed lovers Lucifer and Chloe.

As seen in the trailer, Lucifer is pulled over by the cop that initially stopped him in the series pilot. Executive producer Ildy Modrovich told fans at Comic-Con that they can expect more returning faces to come, and the return of a former guest star. Producer Joe Henderson added: "We found one character we have talked about but have never seen in this season."

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We also see more from DB Woodside as the celestial Amenadiel and Rachael Harris as therapist Dr Linda Martin, with the duo still co-parenting their mortal son.

Aimee Garcia also returns as LAPD colleague Ella Lopez, while Kevin Alejandro's Detective Dan Espinoza also remains a big part of the show despite his character being killed off last season.

Without spoiling anything, the writers have found a way to bring the character back and have him interact with his friends in the living world, including Amenadiel as he begins his new job as a beat cop. Check out the season six image below.

Kevin Alejandro and DB Woodside in Lucifer season six
Kevin Alejandro and DB Woodside in Lucifer season six Netflix

Lesley Ann-Brandt and Inbar Lavi are back as Mazikeen and Eve respectively, whose romance was just getting off the ground towards the end of season five.

Prior to release, Brandt teased to TV Line that there is a "giant journey" for Eve and Maze in the new season, with a new character being introduced who will "threaten their relationship in a really big way".

Scarlett Estevez also reprises her role as Trixie Espinoza one last time, the young daughter of Chloe and Dan who has been a recurring character since the series began.

We also get a more substantial introduction to Ginny & Georgia star Scott Porter as Carol Corbett, an old friend who Dan had been attempting to set up with Ella before his death.

Carol and Ella eventually meet at his funeral and seem to get along well, sowing the seeds for a romantic subplot in season six for our favourite forensic scientist.

In terms of new characters, Merrin Dungey (The Resident) joins the cast for season six as no-nonsense cop Sonya, who strikes up a bond with Amenadiel as he starts working for the LAPD.

Meanwhile, Deadpool star Brianna Hildebrand makes her debut as angsty angel Rory, who looks poised to walk down the same rebellious path that Lucifer did so long ago.

Dennis Haysbert will not return to the role of God as the character was given a definitive farewell in season five part two, moving to an alternate reality for his retirement with Goddess (Tricia Helfer).

For reference, here's the full Lucifer cast list:

  • Tom Ellis plays Lucifer Morningstar/Michael Demiurgos
  • Lauren German plays Chloe Decker
  • DB Woodside plays Amenadiel
  • Lesley Ann-Brandt plays Mazikeen
  • Kevin Alejandro plays Dan Espinoza
  • Rachael Harris plays Linda Martin
  • Aimee Garcia plays Ella Lopez
  • Scarlett Estevez plays Beatrice 'Trixie' Espinoza
  • Inbar Lavi plays Eve
  • Dennis Haysbert plays God
  • Tricia Helfer plays Charlotte Richards/Goddess
  • Scott Porter plays Carol Corbett

Lucifer season 6 trailer

Netflix dropped the full-length Lucifer season six trailer in August 2021 and it is absolutely bonkers, teasing a surprise animated episode, new villain Rory and even some fisticuffs between Lucifer and Chloe. Watch below.

Previously, Netflix had shared a brief date announcement teaser, which sees Ellis' Lord of Hell swigging from a hip flask in his convertible, before being pulled over by a cop – the same one that pulled Lucifer over in the series pilot.

"I'm sorry, this is my last night in LA," he announces nonchalantly, suggesting his new job taking over as God will necessitate a move to somewhere a bit closer to the spirit world.

Tom Ellis also recently revealed a couple of images from season six, with the first featuring him suited and booted as Lucifer while leaning against a DeLorean (the time-travelling car from the Back to the Future films).

The location behind him also seems to reference the town centre in the original Back to the Future film, complete with a classic cinema front with neon signs, which prompted fans to wonder we would be getting a one-off episode paying homage to American cinema.

The image was posted on Ellis’ Instagram account along with the caption, “Good things are coming”.

The actor followed this up with another snap from season six, this time seeing Lucifer soaring into the skies with Decker, perhaps taking her with him to rule over reality from heaven.

Lucifer season 6 episodes

Thanks to the Lucifer Writers' Room on Twitter, we found out what the Lucifer season six episode titles would be quite some time before they actually dropped on Netflix.

As longtime viewers will be aware, each episode title is derived from a line spoken in the episode, so that allowed fans to enjoy some early speculation about events happening in the story.

Here are the Lucifer season six episode titles:

  • Episode one: "Nothing Ever Changes Around Here"
  • Episode two: "Buckets of Baggage"
  • Episode three: "Yabba Dabba Do Me"
  • Episode four: "Pin The Tail on the Baddie"
  • Episode five: "The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar"
  • Episode six: "A Lot Dirtier Than That"
  • Episode seven: "My Best Fiend"
  • Episode eight: "Save The Devil, Save The World"
  • Episode nine: "Goodbye, Lucifer"
  • Episode 10: "Partners 'Til The End"

Producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich confirmed to EW that season six is absolutely their "last story", after previously stating the show would end with season five.

Henderson added: 'It's the story we were always going to tell, but just written much larger and to me so much more interestingly that it breaks my heart to think we weren't going to do it this way.'

Modrovich confirmed that the final episodes will tell "one giant story", straying away from the procedural crime format that has characterised the show's previous seasons.

Lucifer season 6 plot theories

The Lucifer season five ending left many fans with jaws on the floor as Lucifer was triumphantly revealed to have been chosen as the new God, replacing his retired father in the role.

At a panel at the 2021 Comic Con in San Diego, when asked whether Lucifer possesses all of God's powers now because of that finale, executive producer Joe Henderson said: "That seems like the first question our characters will be asking at the start of season six."

But while the show's celestial elements look to play a bigger role than ever before in the final chapter, fans can still look forward to some intriguing mysteries in the new episodes, as star Tom Ellis confirmed.

He added: "I think it’s in his DNA now. And he’s got quite a few mysteries to solve in season six."

His celestial brothers and sisters – including the devious Michael – bowed down before him in the recent finale, suggesting they accept his major career change, but it remains to be seen exactly how he will wield his new powers.

Tom Ellis in Lucifer season 5B

It appears that even Lucifer himself is unsure, which could be why he hasn't fully embraced his God role when we find him in season six, as teased by the official synopsis from Netflix.

It reads: "The devil himself has become God… almost. Why is he hesitating? And as the world starts to unravel without a God, what will he do in response?"

When Lucifer was confirmed to for a surprise season six renewal, some fans worried it would interfere with the plans that the writers originally had for the show, but the team ha shit back against these concerns.

"What we realised is that the last bit of that [series] finale episode was actually a lot of great stories sped up just to give us a satisfying ending for all our characters," co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich told Entertainment Weekly.

She added: "We literally lobbed off Act Six and went, ‘Let’s take what happens in Act Six in a scene and dive into it, and really explore how our characters end up where they ended up.’ So, that ended up being our nugget for season six.

"In addition to what we’re opening up from that ending, we thought of one giant story that just needed to be told, so that’s what really stuck the landing for us."

Lucifer co-star DB Woodside has also teased what the final season has in store for his character, the angel Amenadiel, who he hints will have a new romantic interest in the concluding chapters.

"He does find love, but he finds it in a very different way," said Woodside in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "In a way that I think is going to shock the fans, surprise them and then it's going to be unexpected.

"But I think it's going to make them very, very happy. It's the perfect ending for someone like Amenadiel. He has a lot of love to give and he will receive a lot of love."

DB Woodside in Lucifer season 5 on Netflix

On the topic of love, there could be tough times ahead for fan-favourite couple Maze and Eve, with Lesley Ann-Brandt telling TVLine that a new character will be introduced that "threatens their relationship in a really big way". Oh dear.

Woodside will also step behind the camera for season six to try his hand at directing, confirming to TVLine that his entry in the Lucifer saga is a bottle episode, i.e. taking place in a single location.

"My episode is unlike any episode that people have seen," he told the publication. "It takes place over one long night, and it’s everyone kind of sitting around talking.

"All I can say is that it was a lot of fun and I feel privileged to have received that episode, because I think you’re going to see some of the cast in ways that you haven’t been able to see them before."

Ellis has teased that season six is a "fitting goodbye to our characters", while co-star Lauren German praised the noticeably different dynamic that the final episodes have compared to what came before.

"It's a luxury to be able to know that you're finishing your story, so we really thought long and hard about how we wanted to end it," said Ellis, in an interview with TVLine.

"The journey that Chloe and Lucifer have been on up to this point has been great, but this season kind of new territory for them where they're working together as a partnership – that's something that they've never experienced before together."

German added: "What I really liked was the idea of Chloe and Lucifer really being a team, being together for each other as a couple and helping each other out.

"That's just sort of a different dynamic than we've seen with Chloe and Lucifer. Usually, it's kind of this push-and-pull, but now this last season we really are on the same team."

Lucifer season 6 animated episode

We also discovered in the recent trailer that Lucifer season six will feature an animated episode (or perhaps just a short segment), featuring Lucifer and Chloe in a world not dissimilar to Looney Tunes.

It's unclear where exactly the characters have wandered off to or how this strange twist will be explained, but fans are excited for the endless new opportunities this opens up for the show.

And longtime fans shouldn't fear: while the animation style may look cutesy, the show won't be discarding its risqué sense of humour in these scenes, as demonstrated by the image below.

Lucifer season 6 animated episode

Lucifer season 6 launches on Netflix on Friday 10th September. Lucifer seasons four and five are available to stream on Netflix.


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