When is Greenland in UK cinemas? Which cinemas are showing it?

Everything you need to know about Gerard Butler's latest brush with the disaster movie genre.


Throughout his film career, Gerard Butler has frequently played characters finding themselves in rather difficult situations – having previously been forced to do battle with ancient kings, guerrilla terrorists, and in once case even a massive storm.


And for his next brush with disaster, the Scottish action star has the small matter of a meteorite to contend with –  and one that threatens to cause the extinction of humanity at that. Read on for everything you need to know about Greenland.

When is Greenland released in UK cinemas?

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, the film had been expected to make it’s way to cinemas for summer blockbuster season in July – but this has been delayed slightly, with the UK release date now set at Friday 17th August 2020.

There’s no word of any further delays at the moment – but we’ll keep you in the loop if it looks like things are going to change again.

What cinemas is Greenland showing in?

Most of the big chains plan to have their operations up and running again – albeit with new restrictions in place – by the time August arrives, so there should be a decent choice of cinemas in which you can take in the film.

It’s unclear exactly which cinemas will be showing it – but the film is already listed on the Cineworld and Vue websites, although tickets aren’t on sale just yet.

Greenland movie rating

Greenland has been rated a 12A by the BBFC and a PG-13 by the MPAA in the US for “intense sequences of disaster action, some violence, bloody images and brief strong language”.

Greenland trailer

You can get a taste of the action with the below trailer – which shows the looming catastrophe facing Earth.

What is Greenland about?

The film sees Butler play a man whose family are doing their best to find sanctuary against the backdrop of an impending global catastrophe – as a huge comet heads towards the planet.

Their only hope for survival us by making an arduous trek to the eponymous island where a series of bunkers have been set up – all while the world is becoming an increasingly lawless place as the panic begins to overwhelm the population.

Who is in the cast of Greenland?

Gerard Butler (300) heads up the film as John Garrity, and he is joined in the main cast by Deadpool star Morena Baccarin who plays his estranged wife Alison and young star Roger Dale Floyd (Doctor Sleep) who plays the couple’s child son Nathan.

The supporting cast includes Scott Glenn (The Leftovers), King Bach (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), David Denman (The Office) and Gary Weeks (Instant Family).


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