Lucifer season five proved that there really is no rest for the wicked, as our crime-solving devil was put through his paces by the devious Michael.


Lucifer's brother came down from heaven and took over Lucifer's life, attempting to pass off as him to Detective Decker and his other colleagues at the LAPD.

When things didn't go quite according to plan, Michael improvised and was able to launch a devastating attack on his brother, turning two trusted allies against him.

The belated arrival of someone we've heard a lot about in the closing moments is sure to get fans talking, sending part two into completely unpredictable territory.

Before the next eight episodes of Lucifer season 5 part 2 drop this week, here's your full explanation of what went on in part one's finale - spoiler alert!

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Lucifer season 5, part 1 ending explained

The finale to part one picks up in a most dramatic fashion, as Dan bursts into Lucifer's penthouse apartment and shoots him in the chest, after discovering that he is the actual devil.

This unfortunate turn of events was orchestrated by Michael, who lured Dan into finding out Lucifer's true identity and then manipulated him into such an extreme reaction.

Fortunately, Lucifer was unharmed by the attack, but this raised questions about why his vulnerability in Chloe's presence has abruptly subsided - a concern that Michael preys on later when he kidnaps the detective.

Chloe Decker (Lauren German) in Lucifer

Her initial disappearance sends the LAPD team into a panic, fearing that she had been abducted by the serial killer she had been investigating.

But when Ella discovers the murderer had been her seemingly timid boyfriend, they realise they have been barking up the wrong tree this whole time.

Lucifer is able to decode Chloe's whereabouts from a heated exchange with Dan, arriving to rescue her from his brother's nefarious clutches.

Chloe is unharmed, but Michael's words have gone to her head, particularly the idea that Lucifer's regained invulnerability around her is caused by his love for her starting to fade.

Lucifer is unable to quell this concern when he finds himself physically unable to tell Chloe he loves her, at which point time suddenly stops for all mortals.

Having harnessed this power before, it should be no surprise that Amenadiel is responsible, who Lucifer finds having a major panic that his son with Dr Linda is mortal, rather than a celestial like his father.

Michael shows up with Mazikeen, who has swapped to his side after Lucifer was insensitive towards her desire for a soul, something which is seemingly impossible for a demon to attain.

Michael promises her one nonetheless, turning her against the Lord of Hell, and a vicious brawl breaks out in the LAPD station, dangerously fought around a number of frozen mortals.

As Lucifer, Amenadiel and Michael strangle each other, a higher power decides to intervene before somebody gets seriously hurt: God.

"Children, you know I hate it when you fight," he says, as he descends the LAPD steps with light beaming behind him, and the credits begin to roll.

God (Dennis Haysbert) in Lucifer

Since season one, Lucifer has complained about his unhealthy feud with his father, which began after leading a revolt in heaven that saw him banished to hell.

During his time on Earth, he has had few positive words to say about "Dad", detesting his tendency to work in "mysterious ways", without offering more helpful guidance.

Perhaps, when part two lands on Netflix, he'll be able to offer an explanation for his apparent absence, or even patch up his tested relationship with Lucifer.

This reveal won't be a total surprise to some Lucifer fans, given that Dennis Haysbert was already announced to be playing God in season five, all the way back in January.

Previously, Neil Gaiman had provided the voice of God for an episode in the third season, having written the Sandman comics that inspired the television series.


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