There's no need to make a deal with the devil - Lucifer season five part two is available on Netflix now.


The devilishly good detective drama dropped on Netflix at 8am today (Friday 28th May), just in time for some morning(star) binging.

The second half of the season has some big loose ends to tie up, with none other than God himself joining as a recurring character, who will be hosting a "unique" family dinner for his three warring sons in a midseason premiere scene that has been compared to a play.

"It's not just a one-act play, but a one-act play with so much there that needs to be said, or that Lucifer wants to say," Tom Ellis told Entertainment Weekly. "And the way Lucifer goes about it, it's very funny to start, and then the wheels start to come off and it starts to implode."

As apocalyptic as it sounds, God descending from the heavens is only one of many problems the characters of Lucifer will face, with long-suffering LAPD staffer Dan reeling from the revelation of Lucifer's true identity.

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"I don’t think Dan is coping very well," Kevin Alejandro told TVLine. "His world is rocked, and I’m not sure that he’ll ever really, truly handle it. He’s doing the best he can, but that’s just Dan.

"He is completely torn up on the inside but always trying to move forward in a positive way — though he doesn’t always quite get the right results."

The Southland and Arrow actor, who has been a key member of the Lucifer cast since the show began, will step into the limelight for the first time in an upcoming episode.

"This is definitely the hardest I’ve ever worked on the show," Alejandro said. "The biggest tease I can give you about that episode is that it is called ‘Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid,’ and that’s pretty much what you’re going to get!"

Here's everything we know so far about Lucifer season five part two, including cast, theories and release date on Netflix.

Plus, if you're happy to see a few spoilers, then read our (scorching) Lucifer 5B review, or our explainer of that Lucifer season 5 part 2 ending.

When is Lucifer season 5, part 2 released on Netflix?

CONFIRMED: Lucifer season five part two is available to stream on Netflix from 8am (UK time) on Friday 28th May. It will consist of another eight episodes.

Netflix announced the news in late March with a fun meme acknowledging how desperate Lucifans have been for more content since binging the last batch.

After suffering a COVID-19 related delay, production resumed on Lucifer from Thursday 24th September 2020, with the cast and crew finishing the season five finale before moving on to commence work on the upcoming sixth (and final) season.

Last year, Ellis had speculated to Pilot TV podcast that season 5B would be "ready to go" by "sort of Christmastime or early next year", but sadly for fans that prediction missed the mark.

Lucifer season 5, part 2 trailer

At last! We finally have a trailer for Lucifer season 5B and it includes some major revelations about the coming episodes, including the ongoing power struggle between the former Lord of Hell and his nasty twin brother, Michael.

Check out the teaser below:

Our very first look at season 5b came in the form of a Chloe Decker fancam, released as a Thanksgiving treat:

Lucifer season 5 cast

Lauren German and Tom Ellis play Chloe and Lucifer Morningstar in Netflix's Lucifer

The full cast of season five, part one is expected to return for the second half, including of course, Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Lauren German as his beloved Detective Chloe Decker.

DB Woodside is also back as Lucifer's brother Amenadiel, who also steps behind-the-camera this season in a directing capacity, while his character also struggles to raise a human baby with Rachael Harris' Dr Linda Martin.

Meanwhile, Aimee Garcia and Kevin Alejandro will reprise their roles as LAPD staffers Ella Lopez and Dan Espinoza, both of whom will likely still be reeling from the earth-shattering revelations they went through in part one.

Lesley Ann-Brandt is set to portray the no-nonsense demon Mazikeen once again, who is still unable to find a place for herself in the mortal world on account of not having a soul.

However, that didn't stop her from falling head over heels for the first woman, Eve (Inbar Lavi), who broke her heart in season four and will return as a guest star in the upcoming episodes.

Scarlett Estevez also remains a recurring face as Trixie Espinoza, the young daughter of Chloe and Dan, who is often an unexpected source of support for Lucifer and Mazikeen.

What will happen in Lucifer season 5, part 2?

Lucifer season five part two will be a direct continuation of the shocking midseason finale, which saw God descend from the heavens to break up a scrap between his warring sons.

DB Woodside, who plays Amenadiel in the series, told TV Line about how his character reacts to the shocking development: "Amenadiel is absolutely embarrassed, humiliated that God saw him behaving the way that he was with his brothers because as the oldest [brother], he’s really supposed to be the one that sets the example, and he was not doing that."

Ellis was excited by the revelation, telling EW: "The dynamic that it brought to the show and the stuff that we got to do because Dad was there, the stuff we got to talk about because Dad was there, I didn't think we'd ever get to that level on this show.

"It immediately challenges [Lucifer's growth] because Lucifer immediately recesses. He storms off, and the next time you see him, he is wasted at Lux [with] blow on the piano and having totally forgotten he's about to tell the detective he loves her."

It seems the midseason premiere will feature a very unusual family dinner, when God and his three sons dine at Linda's home in an eleven-and-a-half page(!) scene.

Co-showunner Joe Henderson told EW: "We realized in episode 9 we had an opportunity to take these wonderfully loaded dynamics, including bringing God in, who Lucifer's had tension with for the eternity of the series, and take these big crazy emotions and then shove them into a dinner table scene, which makes this scene of just four actors/five characters talking suddenly so compelling and interesting,"

Expect Dennis Haysbert's creator character to be a major presence in the upcoming season, which will see Lucifer and his family finally confront their baggage head-on.

One of the most exciting episodes in season five, part two is sure to be the musical episode - titled Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam – which has long been teased by the show's producers and cast.

Woodside told TV Line: "All I’m allowed to say for the musical episode is that Rachael and I have a duet. Amenadiel and Dr. Linda have a duet, which is going to be a lot of fun and surprise a lot of people. It brings me back to something that I used to do quite a bit in my youth."

At DC FanDome, we finally got our first look at the ambitious instalment, with a clip which sees Lucifer and his LAPD buddies Ella, Detective Decker and Dan perform a rendition of Queen's Another One Bites The Dust.

The setting is an American college sports field, with a team of football players, cheerleaders and brass band musicians getting in on the action with their own choreographed dances.

It's a fun clip, but the episode also looks set to pack an emotional punch; co-star Lauren German has teased a moment that she found particularly moving.

"Lucifer is in a difficult place, and Tom goes into song... and I was in my trailer just crying at how beautiful the moment is and just knowing the moment in the story, it brought tears to my eye," she told Entertainment Tonight. "It is so absolutely touching and gorgeous... You can feel what he is feeling, through the singing, and it's beautiful."

"This may be my favorite episode of Lucifer ever," Ellis told EW. "It's going to be crowd-pleaser."

However the themed episodes don't end there - as well as a musical special, Lucifer season five will also have a noir-inspired black and white episode.

The one-off will see Trixie visit Lucifer at his penthouse apartment, where he tells her the story of his first-ever criminal case in 1940s New York City.

With the exception of Tom Ellis, the cast will take on completely new roles during the flashback - including a returning fan-favourite - complete with vintage 1940s attire such as pinstripe suits and trilby hats.

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the noir episode of season five (Netflix)
Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the noir episode of season five (Netflix) Netflix

It sounds as if the entire season is building up to an emotionally charged ending, with Woodside cryptically teasing a devastating moment while speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

"There's going to be something shocking that happens towards the end of 5B that is going to break everyone's heart," he said. "But I would just tell people that: 'Hey, we have a season six. So even though your heart is going to be absolutely smashed at the end of season 5B, keep the faith.'"

Lucifer season 5, part 2 questions

God (Dennis Haysbert) in Lucifer
God (Dennis Haysbert) in Lucifer Netflix

Part one of season five had quite the shock ending, when none other than God himself finally debuting as a new recurring character. Unsurprisingly, this left some rather big questions that we need answering in part two...

Will God reconcile with Lucifer?

After a single line of dialogue in episode eight, we still have plenty of questions about how the writers will choose to depict him. However, more importantly, we wonder what his sudden arrival on Earth could possibly mean; is he here to lend a hand to the misguided human race? To be a sign of the end times? Or perhaps to reconcile with his wayward son?

God actor Dennis Haysbert has hinted that it may be a while before we know his true intentions, as the character does not give much away at first.

"You ask yourself, if someone is pouring their heart [out] to you and you don't react because you have a plan that they're not privy to, how do you react?" Haysbert told EW. "That's what you have figure out. He doesn't give up much. He just takes it all in. You can't insult him. You can't hurt his feelings."

Does Lucifer really love Chloe?

Despite calling her his first love in season four, season five seems to hint that Lucifer may not love Chloe to the extent that she loves him.

When Lucifer regains his invulnerability in her presence, Michael plants the seed that it may be due to his feelings for her fading away.

Lucifer doesn’t help matters when he finds himself physically unable to tell Chloe he loves her, suggesting that it could well be a lie.

According to co-showrunner Joe Henderson, Lucifer's dad descending from the heavens won't exactly help Lucifer say those three magic words.

"God coming down at quite possibly the worst possible moment, Lucifer on the precipice potentially saying those words, will create a spanner in the works of his arc, but ultimately, perhaps, be exactly what he needs to deal with the emotional issues he's had in his life," he told EW.

What is Michael’s plan?

Michael came very close to destroying twin brother Lucifer in part one, with his manipulation extending outwards to affect Dan, Chloe and Amenadiel as the season went on, making his overall aim a little more clouded in mystery.

When Lucifer confronts Michael about his true intentions in the midseason finale, he ominously replies: “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

We think he has a few more surprises up his sleeve.

Is Charlie really mortal?

Amenadiel was troubled to discover that his infant son Charlie was seemingly mortal, thrown into panic about the suffering and eventual death that awaits his baby.

But is Charlie really mortal? At the moment, it feels like there’s a strong chance that Michael could be deceiving Amenadiel somehow, so we need a bit more convincing.

If it is true, passing up the chance to depict the first new celestial in millennia seems like a real missed opportunity.

Will Mazikeen get a happy ending?

After a major identity crisis caused by her lack of a soul and her failed relationship with Eve, Mazikeen's desperation put her on the wrong path – an alliance with Michael.

But we’re hoping she gets the chance to redeem herself and live a happy life on Earth. Getting a soul has been thought impossible for a demon, but there’s a first time for everything.

Lucifer season 5 Trixie theory

Scarlett Estevez plays Trixie in Lucifer
Scarlett Estevez plays Trixie in Lucifer Netflix/YouTube

Trixie is one of the few characters on the show now who is unaware of Lucifer's true identity, but several hints over the seasons suggest that she might just have known all along.

If this is the case then Decker's daughter might just have a major impact on season five part 2 - especially if she has worked out that Maze is from hell too.

Despite not having a soul, Maze has already forged a strong bond with Trixie, looking after her on numerous occasions and even revealing her real face when she took her trick-or-treating.

It seems that Maze may be dangerously close to getting a soul, and with God now walking the Earth Maze has a chance to appeal to the almighty himself about getting one, with Trixie as an ideal character witness.

As the daughter of a literal gift from God (AKA Chloe Decker), Trixie’s endorsement would carry some weight and could change opinions on demons forever - and importantly give Maze a happy ending.

Lucifer season 5, part 2 episode titles

As Lucifer fans will be well aware, each chapter title is taken from a line spoken by one of the character's in that episode, which makes them delicious bait for rampant speculation.

Check out the intriguing titles below and have a guess at what they could be hinting at:

9. Family Dinner
10. Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam
11. Resting Devil Face
12. Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid
13. A Little Harmless Stalking
14. Nothing Lasts Forever
15. Is This Really How It's Going to End?!
16. A Chance at a Happy Ending

Is there any Lucifer behind-the-scenes content?

As part of the DC FanDome celebration, a blooper reel for the fourth season of Lucifer was officially released, providing a look at some comical antics from between takes.

Check out the clip below:

How will coronavirus affect Lucifer?

The team behind Lucifer will have to adapt some of its working practices to operate in a post-COVID world, according to series star Tom Ellis.

Speaking to DA MAN Magazine about returning to work on the show, he said: "It’s going to be challenging to say the least. We’ve had to find a way to stay safe whilst remaining productive.

"Film sets are usually a hive of activity with people constantly making adjustments and last-minute tweaks in small, confined spaces.

"Now, with the restrictions, everyone has to take their turn to do their job, so it’s going to have a big knock-on effect to how much we can physically shoot in a day."

Tom Ellis Aimee Garcia

With most of season five part two already filmed, production changes may not be too noticeable in the next batch of episodes, but one has to wonder whether season six could see less scenes featuring crowds and more outdoor locations.

In terms of upcoming storylines, co-showrunner Joe Henderson isn't keen on incorporating coronavirus into their pre-planned Lucifer saga, as discussed in an interview with Variety.

"Pandemic-wise, we might make some passing references to it, but we’re not going to make a meal of that," he said. “We feel like that’s hopefully something that will be gone by then."


You can catch up on Lucifer seasons one-three on Amazon Prime Video. Sign up for Amazon Prime for £7.99 a month with a 30-day free trial. Lucifer seasons four and five are available on Netflix. Check out the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix or visit our TV Guide for more to watch.