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Five big questions we have after that wild Lucifer season 5B trailer

The feud between Lucifer and Michael is heating up.

Lucifer season 5B - Tom Ellis and Dennis Haysbert
Published: Saturday, 1st May 2021 at 12:09 pm

Netflix ushered in the weekend in style by giving fans what they have been demanding for months: the first trailer for Lucifer season 5 part 2.


Lucifans have been on tenterhooks since last summer, when the show's midseason finale dropped a jaw-dropping cliffhanger as God (Dennis Haysbert) descended from the heavens to calm down his unruly children.

Viewers had thought he simply intended to break up a celestial scrap between Lucifer and his twin brother Michael (both played by Tom Ellis), but as it turns out he also has a bombshell of his own to drop.

Check out the action-packed trailer below and read on for our five biggest questions about Lucifer season 5B.

1. God is retiring – but who will take his place?

We finally know why exactly God has decided to return to Earth after such a long absence: to inform his bickering sons that he intends to retire.

Understandably, the news comes as quite a shock but also sets in motion a dangerous power struggle that could have disastrous consequences. After some not-so-careful consideration, Lucifer gleefully announces he intends to take his father's place with the memorable line: "I'm going to be God!"

However, it appears his devious twin brother Michael also has eyes on the top job and the two will do battle once more to decide who becomes the next ruler of heaven. Amenadiel seems to be firmly on Luci's side, arguing that his formerly evil brother has "come a long way" since arriving in Los Angeles.

2. Will Lucifer and Chloe get their happy ending?

Lucifer season 5B - Tom Ellis and Lauren German

It's been a long journey for Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker – a partnership affectionately nicknamed Deckerstar by fans – and it looks as if their romance will once again be put to the test in the second half of season five.

Fans have been left reeling by the final line of the trailer, in which Lucifer seemingly tells the teary-eyed detective: "If I ever said those three words to you, it would be a lie."

While it seems unlikely that Lucifer's feelings for Chloe would disappear entirely, it's quite possible that yet another obstacle has landed on their path to happiness.

That said, some fans are theorising that the situation might not be exactly as it seems, given that Chloe is wearing different clothes from one shot to the next – suggesting two separate scenes may have been spliced together for dramatic effect.

3. Are Lucifer and Dan finally getting along?

Lucifer and Dan in Lucifer season 5B

LAPD detective Dan Espinoza has often been a source of comic relief on this series, as Lucifer revels in tormenting him in as many irritating and embarrassing ways as possible.

However, the character took a darker turn in season five when he discovered that Lucifer was, quite literally, the devil himself and subsequently attempted to kill him.

Fortunately, it looks as if the two are back on good terms in the second half where they are seen drinking together in Lux and even enjoying a "dad joke".

It's possible they could bond over a shared dislike of Dennis Haysbert's God character, as both Lucifer and Dan seem visibly annoyed by him in one early scene in the trailer.

4. Will Maze and Eve get together?

Lucifer season 5B - Maze and Eve

Fans were left devastated in Lucifer season four when Maze fell head-over-heels for Eve, the first woman, only to have her heart broken when those feeling were not reciprocated.

At the end of the season, Eve left Los Angeles to go travelling and figure out what she wants from her life on Earth, but she will be back in the next batch of episodes – and we dare to say there might be a happy ending for couple after all.

One moment from the trailer sees the two sharing an emotional kiss, suggesting that Eve may have returned with a new attitude towards starting a relationship with Maze.

It would be some much-needed good news for Lucifer's demon companion, who has been in a state of emotional turmoil as of late as she battles with the realisation that she has no soul.

5. Can Dr Linda really fix God and Lucifer's relationship?

LUCIFER season 5B - Tom Ellis and Dennis Haysbert

When Dr Linda Martin was studying to become a psychotherapist, she probably never expected to be taking on the ultimate clients: God and Lucifer.

The mortal professional has certainly never shied away from celestial business since her first run-in with Lucifer several years ago, but this is one relationship that might be beyond even her abilities.

If she can get these two polar opposites to see eye-to-eye, it would put Lucifer in a stronger position towards inheriting his father's role and, more importantly, blocking Michael's attempts at taking heaven for himself.


Lucifer seasons 4-5 are available to stream on Netflix. Check out more of our Sci-Fi and Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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