24 became must-watch TV in the early '00s, in large part due to its utterly original premise: each 24-episode season covered one day in the life of counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer, with individual episodes focusing on one hour of his usually horrendous day.


The almost real-time narrative (episodes only run around 42 minutes) is emphasised by an on-screen clock, adding urgency to each passing second of Bauer's missions.

And it is quite the ride too with some of the most talked-about moments in TV history - we still aren't over the first episode of season 5.

Here is all you need to know about streaming 24 in the UK.

Where can I watch 24?

Good news for you fans of ticking clocks, 24 has joined a whole host of other shows and movies that are part of the first wave of Disney+ Star content. You can sign up to Disney+ to watch 24 and plenty more popular series for £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year.

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You can also buy 24 as a DVD box set.

How many seasons of 24 are there?

24 has eight seasons all made up of 24 episodes. A stand-alone special, Redemption, also aired between seasons six and seven. A follow-up series, 24: Live Another Day, is often called the show’s de-facto ninth season, though it was only 12 episodes long.

Rumours of a planned prequel were circulated in 2018, though nothing has been confirmed so far.

What is 24 about?

Each series presents new action-packed challenges for Jack Bauer, a talented counter-terrorism agent who previously worked on a secret mission in the Balkans, earning him some dangerous enemies.

In the first series, Bauer, now back in America, is tasked with preventing an assassination plot involving a prominent US senator, and soon finds his own family have become a target. Bauer must uncover who is after him and why in order to save his family before it’s too late.

Subsequent series followed Bauer as he is sent on high-stakes, world-saving missions in various locations, from a military coup in Africa to a Mexican drug cartel to even Camden Town.

In addition to the on-screen clock, the show also employs split-screen to delve into the points of view of multiple characters at once.

Who is in the cast of 24?

With a new plot-line each season, the cast of 24 changes considerably throughout its run. Here are some of the key players:

Kiefer Sutherland’s name is synonymous with the franchise and his character, Jack Bauer. The Canadian actor called the end of the show “the worst breakup I’ve ever had” and described crying after filming the last shot.

Bauer’s colleague and close confidant Chloe O’Brian is played by Mary Lynn Rajskub (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

Carlos Bernard (Dallas) features as fellow analyst Tony Almeida. Bernard also directed American crime drama The Inspectors.

US Senator David Palmer is played by Major League’s Dennis Haysbert.

Fellow Canadian Elisha Cuthbert (Old School, The Ranch) plays Jack’s daughter Kim.

What About 24 Legacy?

24 Legacy is a spin-off that focuses on new characters and features no appearances from Jack whatsoever. The series that starred Corey Hawkins (The Walking Dead) only ran for one season but it is worth a watch for fans of the franchise as a key character does make a surprise return a few episodes in. 24 Legacy will also be on Disney+Star.

Where was 24 filmed?

24 was primarily filmed in an LA studio and other locations in and around Los Angeles, though some scenes in season seven were filmed in Washington DC. The majority of the stand-alone film, Redemption, was filmed near Cape Town, South Africa, and 24: Live Another Day was primarily filmed in London.


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