ITV's new drama Hollington Drive continues tonight, with The Bletchley Circle's Anna Maxwell Martin and Rachael Stirling playing sisters in this four-part thriller.


The series follows the two sisters, Theresa and Helen, and their families as they enjoy a barbecue in the suburb of Hollington Drive – but when 10-year-old Alex Boyd is declared missing and Theresa and Helen's children seem to be involved in some way, they begin to suspect the worst.

With The Dig's Peter McDonald, Finding Alice's Rhashan Stone and other families faces starring in this drama, Sophie Metzal's Hollington Drive is a who's who of top acting talent.

Read on for everything you need to know about the Hollington Drive cast, including earlier work and character biographies, or check out our Hollington Drive location guide.

Anna Maxwell Martin plays Theresa

Anna Maxwell Martin in Hollington Drive

Who is Theresa? Theresa is a resident of a picturesque suburban street, Hollington Drive, where she lives with her partner, Fraser, and son, Ben. Her sister's family comes to visit one sunny afternoon for a barbecue, when her son and niece ask to play in a nearby park. Theresa is reluctant to let them go unaccompanied but ultimately decides to do so, descending into panic when they do not return home at the agreed time. She later finds them arguing on the edge of the woods, which plants suspicion in her mind when another local child is reported missing that evening.

What else has Anna Maxwell Martin been in? Martin has been all over our screens as of late and has received high praise for her versatility, portraying icy DCS Patricia Carmichael in Line of Duty, flustered parent Julia Johnston in Motherland, botanist Edith Dubois in The Irregulars and Kelly Major in Code 404. On the big screen, she recently appeared in Armando Iannucci's reimagining of classic Dickens story The Personal History of David Copperfield.

Rachael Stirling plays Helen

Rachael Stirling in Hollington Drive

Who is Helen? Helen is Theresa's sister who lives next door on Hollington Drive and pops round on a bright summer day with her daughter and husband. She works as the headmistress at a local school, putting her at the centre of a terrible crisis when a child from the neighbourhood suddenly – and suspiciously – disappears.

What else has Rachael Stirling been in? Stirling has previously acted opposite Martin in mystery drama The Bletchley Circle, where she played Millie Harcourt, reprising the role for a spin-off series set in San Francisco. She is also known for roles in Detectorists, Wild Bill and Life.

Peter McDonald plays David

Peter McDonald in Hollington Drive

Who is David? David is Helen's husband of many years, who is described as "listless" and "disengaged". When the disappearance of a local child shakes their family to its core, the problems in David and Helen's marriage bubble to the surface.

What else has Peter McDonald been in? McDonald recently played Jonathan Devlin in BBC One drama Dublin Murders, with other projects including The Last Kingdom, No Offence and Moone Boy.

Rhashan Stone plays Fraser

Rhashan Stone plays Fraser in Hollington Drive

Who is Fraser? Fraser is Theresa's partner, who is happy to let Ben and Eva play in the park on their own despite Theresa's concerns. Later, he attempts to calm her down when she becomes frightened that Ben may have done something unthinkable.

What else has Rhashan Stone been in? Stone has recently worked alongside Keeley Hawes in ITV's Finding Alice and Eve Myles in BBC One's Keeping Faith. His other projects include Baptiste, Delicious and Strike Back.

Jonas Armstrong plays Gareth

Jonas Armstrong plays Fraser in Hollington Drive

Who is Gareth? Gareth is the father of Alex, a local child who goes missing from the seemingly idyllic neighbourhood of Hollington Drive.

What else has Jonas Armstrong been in? Viewers may recognise Armstrong as folk hero Robin Hood, having played him in the BBC One series of the same name across three series ending in 2009. More recently, he has appeared in The Drowning, The Bay and Ripper Street.

Jodie McNee plays Jean

Jodie McNee in Hollington Drive

Who is Jean? Jean is Alex's mother, who is equally devastated by her son's disappearance.

What else has Jodie McNee been in? McNee has featured in Sky's fantasy series Britannia, crime drama Little Boy Blue and hard-hitting television movie, Anthony.

Ken Nwosu plays Eddie

Ken Nwosu in Hollington Drive

Who is Eddie? Eddie is Fraser's brother and also attends the family barbecue, where he playfully winds up his fellow guests.

What else has Ken Nwosu been in? Nwosu has also appeared in BBC drama Killing Eve, Netflix series The Letter For The King and ITV thriller Sticks and Stones.

Amelie Bea Smith plays Eva

Amelie Bea Smith in Hollington Drive

Who is Eva? Eva is the daughter of Helen and David, who is left very shaken by the disappearance of classmate Alex – which suspiciously occurs around the same time she and Ben are playing alone in the woods.

What else has Amelie Bea Smith been in? The child actor appeared in Netflix chiller The Haunting of Bly Manor, and became the new voice of children's animated character Peppa Pig last year.

Fraser Holmes plays Ben

Fraser Holmes in Hollington Drive

Who is Ben? Ben is Theresa's son, who may or may not have been involved in the shock disappearance of a child from Hollington Drive. His mother is suspicious as his mood and behaviour had been worsening in the days leading up to the incident – perhaps related to a past trauma – making her believe he could have been responsible in some way.

What else has Fraser Holmes been in? Holmes makes his screen debut with Hollington Drive.

Tia May Watts plays Georgina

Hollington Drive

Who is Georgina? Georgina is the teenage daughter of Fraser, who lives with him, Theresa and Ben.

What else has Tia May Watts been in? Watts makes her screen debut with Hollington Drive.

Jim Howick plays DS Parks

Jim Howick in Hollington Drive

Who is DS Parks? Detective Sergeant Parks is tasked with investigating Alex's disappearance, which soon leads him to Theresa and Fraser's door.

What else has Jim Howick been in? Howick is probably most recognisable for his comedy work, being part of the troupe who brought us Horrible Histories, Yonderland and Ghosts. In addition, he has appeared in The Armstrong and Miller Show, Peep Show, The Wrong Mans and Sex Education.


Hollington Drive premieres on ITV at 9pm on Wednesday 29th September. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.