Continuing tonight on ITV is Hollington Drive – the Anna Maxwell Martin drama about a seemingly idyllic suburb, shaken to its core when a young boy goes missing.


With Maxwell Martin and her Bletchley Circle co-star Rachael Stirling leading the Hollington Drive cast, the four-parter follows sister Theresa and Helen as they begin to suspect that their children were involved in the disappearance of 10-year-old Alex Boyd.

While the series was eventually filmed in Wales, the show's writer Sophie Metzal revealed that an exhaustive search took place when trying to choose a location for Hollington Drive, with a number of different villages considered.

Read on for everything you need to know about the locations used for Hollington Drive.

Where is ITV's Hollington Drive filmed?

Hollington Drive was filmed at a housing estate in Cardiff called The Mill, with the shoot also stretching across to the nearby Sanatorium Park, a popular green space among local residents.

Jonathan Fisher, executive producer of Hollington Drive, told and other press that the location hunt was "extensive" and "very difficult", partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I think we started scouting for that location about six months prior to filming – and we looked at loads. We had a location scout on the road," he explained.

"It was right in the height of the pandemic when it was just one man in his car going around taking photographs of possible cul-de-sacs. And we reviewed, I would say, over 100 possible cul-de-sacs, honestly, and it was one of those where we just knew when we saw it, we'd know that was the one and this was certainly the case here."

Fisher added: "You can tell just from [the first 10 minutes] that alone that it's such a fundamental part of that series and almost a character in itself. It was integral that we got it right and I think we did. We're really happy with it."

Wales has been used as a location for several other television dramas in recent years, including Sex Education, Hidden/Craith, Keeping Faith and The Pembrokeshire Murders.


Hollington Drive premieres on ITV at 9pm on Wednesday 29th September. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.