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The Irregulars season 2 release date: Netflix cancels supernatural Sherlock Holmes drama

Fans hoping for more episodes will be left disappointed.

Published: Wednesday, 5th May 2021 at 11:09 am

For those wondering if there will be a season two of fantasy drama The Irregulars, Netflix has cancelled the show after just one series.


The streaming service debuted its supernatural take on the Sherlock Holmes mythology back in March 2021 to sturdy viewership and a reasonable critical response.

In addition to topping Netflix's internal chart, the show also beat Disney Plus sensation The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in a weekly ranking by US analyst Nielsen.

The news will come as a disappointment both to fans and those involved with the production, as creator Tom Bidwell and several members of the cast had expressed interest in returning for more.

"I think there's so much scope for more to explore," said co-star Thaddea Graham. "But if season one is all we get, I'm extremely proud of what we've managed to achieve together."

Read on for everything we know about what might have happened in the now-cancelled second season of The Irregulars.

Will there be a season 2 of The Irregulars?

CONFIRMED: Netflix has cancelled The Irregulars after one season.

In May 2021, Deadline reported that the supernatural drama will not return for any further episodes on the streaming service, despite creator Tom Bidwell previously expressing enthusiasm for a continuation.

“Season two, season three – we'd love to do if we get a chance,” Bidwell told

“There's almost too much story in season one! We certainly had to move some out of season one to kind of make space. So yeah, if we, if we're allowed to come back, we will hit the ground running for sure.”

“I would love to,” agreed Royce Pierreson, who plays Dr Watson. “ I think it sets up perfectly. I mean, there's so much in this season, Tom gets so much into it.

“But I think that's so we can go so much further. I love playing Watson. There's so much more I want to do with them. Yeah, sign me up.”

The Irregulars
Thaddea Graham and Darci Shaw in The Irregulars Netflix

“I think the entire team, cast and crew and in the production office and everyone, we'd all be dying to come back for season two,” added Thaddea Graham, who plays lead character Bea.

“We really made a little family on that show, and I would love to work with them again, and I think that the world that Tom has created and set up, there's so much to explore in it.”

Unfortunately, it's looking like The Irregulars is a one-and-done, which is a particularly surprising development as the show performed well on Netflix's internal top 10.

The Irregulars season 2 cast

The Irregulars
Harrison Osterfield, Thaddea Graham, Darci Shaw, Mckell David, Royce Pierreson and Jojo Macari in The Irregulars (Netflix)

The Irregulars cast of season one – including Thaddea Graham, Darci Shaw, Jojo Macari, Mckell David, Harrison Osterfield and Royce Pierreson as Doctor Watson – will now need to find new projects as the show has officially been cancelled.

This development may be particularly frustrating to fans keen to know more about the fate of Henry Lloyd-Hughes’ Sherlock Holmes, after (spoiler alert) the season one finale saw him sent to another dimension with his partner Alice (Eileen O’Higgins).

Prior to The Irregulars' cancellation, the actor had seemed optimistic that the writing team would find a way to bring his character back.

“I don't know how it's going to work,” Lloyd-Hughes told “But, you know, if you can unlock the mysteries of time and space then I'll give it a shot. That's all I can say.”

The Irregulars season 2 story

Irregulars Sherlock Holmes
Jojo Macari, Thaddea Graham, Darci Shaw and Harrison Osterfield in The Irregulars (Netflix)

Creator Tom Bidwell had plenty of ideas for a second season of The Irregulars, noting that some season one stories were held back to use in future episodes, but sadly, it seems these may no longer see the light of day.

“We’ve got ideas," he told at the launch of season one. "The thing is with this show is that there's a lot of story potential in lots of different areas with Leopold, with Sherlock and Watson with the gang with their love stories.

He added: “There's also a list of monsters we have that we've already got ideas for for years. it's just an exciting series to write, it's, it's been a privilege to do it, it really has been.”

Specifically, Bidwell had thought that storylines involving Leopold (really Prince Leopold, son of Queen Victoria) could play a large part in season two, but his cast had their own thoughts about where the story could have gone next.

The Irregulars
Harrison Osterfield as Leo in The Irregulars (Netflix) Netflix

“If we get the chance to make future seasons, it's the royal family and the higher echelons of society, you've got a lot to play there,” Bidwell said.

“I think with this show there's so many unanswered questions, as well as so many possibilities,” added Darci Shaw, who plays Jessie in the series.

“I could not even predict where Tom could take the next series, because it's that kind of show where anything goes, and anything could happen. I think the possibilities are very exciting.”

“I mean what happens inside the Rip, I don't know - do we go in there, do we stay here?” wondered Thaddea Graham. “What happens next with Sherlock? I think there's so much scope for more to explore.”


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