*Warning: spoiler for The Drowning season one*


In February 2021 The Drowning season one came to a dramatic and apparently final conclusion, with no clear idea of how the series could run for a second season.

The series followed Jodie (Jill Halfpenny), and posed the central question of whether or not her long-lost little boy had drowned nine years prior - or if he had been abducted.

In the finale, Jodie learnt that Daniel - the teenage boy she'd become convinced was her missing son, Tom - wasn't related to her at all.

She also learnt that it was her shifty brother, Jason (Jonas Armstrong), who inadvertently caused Tom's accidental death nine years ago. (You can read more here, with our The Drowning ending explained feature.)

The thriller centred on the question surrounding Daniel's true parentage, so it might seem unlikely that a second season will be commissioned. However, ahead of season one, Halfpenny revealed to RadioTimes.com that while a second season would "be a very different show," she would be keen to find out more abut her character's future.

She also told This Morning that there was the "possibility" that the series could follow a similar path to The Missing, which ran for two seasons and followed Tchéky Karyo as detective Julien Baptiste (leading to the spin-off series Baptiste).

She said: "I think if they [writers Francesca Brill, Luke Watson, and Tim Dynevor] had a story and they had an idea, it could totally be like The Missing. I don't know if there is another story to be told but it's a possibility, isn't it? It would be great!"

Read on for everything you need to know about The Drowning season two.

Will there be a second season of The Drowning?

The Drowning hasn't yet been renewed for a second season.

However, series lead Jill Halfpenny exclusively told RadioTimes.com that she would "like to see" her character's future progression - but added the caveat that there's been no suggestion that the thriller will get another instalment.

The Drowning
The Drowning (Channel 5) Channel 5

Asked if she would be interested in following up on character Jodie's journey, Halfpenny said: "I don’t know, actually. I mean… It’s difficult. It would be a very different show. The whole premise and intention would be done and dusted. She’s certainly a brilliant character. I would certainly like to see what she did after all of this happened. But no, the answer is: I really don’t know. I don’t think so.

She also explained that "this show started out as a feature film," before becoming a four-part series.

"People were interested, and it morphed into, I believe, a two-parter, and then it became four parts. Which is quite common, really, with the sort of journey of pieces that people have written. It just depends on who’s interested, and who wants to make it."

You can read our exclusive Big RT Interview with Jill Halfpenny here.

The Drowning cast

The second season has yet to be been commissioned, so it's not clear who from The Drowning cast would return.

However, it would seem likely that the show's two big-name leads, Jill Halfpenny (as grieving mother Jodie) and Rupert Penry-Jones (as Mark, Daniel's real father who was revealed to be innocent in The Drowning episode four), would return.

The Drowning season 2 trailer

There's no trailer for The Drowning season two as the show hasn't yet been renewed. Stay tuned!


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