Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are back with a vengeance as Eve and assassin Villanelle respectively, resuming their toxic yet tantalising cat and mouse game one last time for the fourth and final season of Killing Eve.


Some fans might be surprised by Villanelle's latest transformation, with the Russian killer receiving visions of Jesus and bringing this vision to life by wearing a stick-on beard and a halo.

Speaking about this new development, Comer recently told Town & Country: "I was like, 'OK, this is new territory.' I mean, it made complete sense in that she's so defeated by, strangely, people's view of her.

"I think in the past she wouldn't have cared. But she feels so oppressed by people telling her how bad she is and how she cannot change. Especially after season 3 with her mother, that really rocked her. So she definitely starts with a determination to prove everyone wrong."

Meanwhile, season 4 is expected to bring some closure to the duo's ongoing will-they-won't-they connection, with Killing Eve actor Kim Bodnia suggesting this was likely key to why the show's behind-the-scenes-team have made the surprising decision to wrap on the series.

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Bodnia, who plays Villanelle's handler Konstantin in the series, exclusively told "I mean, like everybody else watching this show, [I'm thinking] 'Why end [the show]?'," before continuing: "[The series] is working is fine, and is new. And it's like, 'Why don't we keep on going?'"

He went on to say that Eve and Villanelle's "journey" needed "some kind of end because it is so complex. And I think that the writers and everybody must have agreed that it is [a] complex relationship, and where to go with it, and when it's time to end it and when it's time to say that we can't go deeper into all this complexity of these feelings.

"So probably they have that in mind and [are] saying, 'OK, it's time'. But for me, as I kind of miss this family, you know, so it's easier for me to say, 'Let's keep on going'."

The actor previously told that "it could be a fantastic love story if they just end up in love," continuing: "If I can say something as Kim, as [a viewer watching] the show, I would hope that they could find each other, you know, and let all [this hate] go away."

Intrigued? You can read our spoiler-free Killing Eve season 4 review to learn more.

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Carolyn, meanwhile, is bored in her new embassy role when we first meet her in season 4, but that doesn’t mean that her risky hunt for The Twelve and whoever ordered the death of her son, Kenny, is over just yet.

Quite the opposite in fact. Speaking recently about Carolyn’s pursuit of her son’s killer, Sandra Oh told Entertainment Weekly: “It's the driving force of Carolyn's storyline this season. It takes her all around the world in her quest, let's just say, to solve or find Kenny's killer – but it turns into something much deeper about her moral fibre.” Read more on this below.

The acclaimed British spy thriller, based on the Villanelle novel series by Luke Jennings, features a new female head writer for each season. Killing Eve season 4 is penned by Sex Education's Laura Neal. Previous seasons have been penned by the likes of Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Oscar-winner Emerald Fennell.

Speaking about how she thinks audiences will react to the show's last ever season, Comer told EW: "I think everyone's gonna have their opinion because everyone is so invested in it, and that you can't argue. I think when I look at the work that we did, when shooting this, I feel incredibly proud of what everybody did, and how everyone came together to do that."

Oh added: "I think that the satisfaction is in the making of it, and then that actually we did create this – we did create this dynamic between these two characters, and we created these two characters that have not been seen before. That, I think, has been supremely satisfying."

Stop it, guys, we have tears in our eyes.

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri in season 4
Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri in season 4

Read on for everything we know about the BBC show's fourth and final season.

Killing Eve season 4 UK release date

Killing Eve season 4 premiered its first episode on BBC iPlayer on Monday 28th February 2022.

In terms of traditional terrestrial televised broadcast, that first episode aired on Saturday 5th March on BBC One.

When is the next episode of Killing Eve season 4?

This pattern of iPlayer release on Mondays and terrestrial airing on Saturday will continue for the remainder of the series.

So you can expect Killing Eve season 4 episode 3 to drop on iPlayer on Monday 14th March, before that third episode reaches BBC One on Saturday 19th March, and so on.

Those in the US were able to watch the first episodes slightly earlier on BBC America..

BBC iPlayer confirmed on Instagram in December 2021: "Watch Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer in early 2022.

"New episodes available weekly straight after it airs on BBC America."

Killing Eve season 4 is expected to consist of eight episodes in line with the previous three seasons.

The air date of the series finale has yet to be confirmed, but if it is released with one episode per week, then expect Killing Eve to end in April 2022.

How many episodes are in Killing Eve season 4?

Jodie Comer in Killing Eve
Jodie Comer in Killing Eve BBC/Sid Gentle Silms

The fourth season of Killing Eve will consist of eight episodes.

This is in keeping with the previous three seasons of the drama.

The episode titles are as follows.

  1. Just Dunk Me
  2. Don’t Get Eaten
  3. A Rainbow in Beige Boots
  4. It's Agony and I'm Ravenous
  5. Don't Get Attached
  6. Oh Goodie, I'm The Winner
  7. Making Dead Things Look Nice
  8. Hello, Losers

How will the story of Eve Polastri and Villanelle end?

Killing Eve season 4 trailers

The full trailer for Killing Eve season 4 features Villanelle going to great lengths to prove she’s not the monster everyone thinks she is, and even investing in some therapy sessions.

But the Villanelle we have all grown to love (and hate) is soon back, divulging: “I killed two people last night after I tried really hard not to.”

The next scene sees Eve confessing to shooting someone in the hand, before Eve and Villanelle eventually come face-to-face. Villanelle tells Eve she’s changed, but Eve isn’t so convinced.

In other trailer snippets, Eve asks Villanelle: “Do you know that fable about the scorpion and the frog?

“They hook up?” Villanelle asks.

“They both die. Because the scorpion can’t change its nature,” Eve says.

“Maybe you’re the scorpion,” Villanelle concludes. Watch below:

Killing Eve previously released a teaser trailer, revealing what is sure to be a gloriously quirky finale. Watch below:

Will both of our leading ladies survive? We can't wait!

Killing Eve season 4 cast: Who is back?

The main cast for season 4 is as follows.

  • Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri
  • Jodie Comer as Villanelle/Oksana Astankova
  • Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens
  • Camille Cottin as Hélène
  • Anjana Vasan as Pam
  • Robert Gilbert as Yusuf
  • Steve Oram as Phil
  • Edward Bluemel as Hugo Tiller
  • Laurentiu Possa as Vlad
  • Adeel Akhtar as Martin
  • and Kim Bodnia as Konstantin Vasiliev

The main characters have all returned, including Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), Villanelle (Jodie Comer), Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia).

Speaking on the red carpet at this year's BAFTA TV Awards, series star Jodie Comer confirmed that filming would begin the following day.

Comer had bright blonde hair on the red carpet, and there's already online speculation that her chameleon-like character, Villanelle, will also be sporting the look in season 4, perhaps in disguise.

Last season, Owen McDonnell returned as Niko Polastri and Sean Delaney played Kenny – the latter was killed off so a fourth season return is unlikely (though not impossible!), while Niko was seriously injured and ordered Eve to stay away from him, so his reappearance is also in doubt.

Camille Cottin as Helene in Killing Eve
Camille Cottin has been promoted to the main cast for her role as Helene BBC America/ Sid Gentle Films

However, season 2 star Edward Bluemel has returned as MI5 operative Hugo Tiller, last seen on death's door after Eve risked his life in her pursuit of Villanelle.

Meanwhile, Camille Cottin has been promoted to the main Killing Eve cast for The Twelve operative Helene.

Anjana Vasan has been cast in the regular role of Pam, "a young new assassin in training whose work in the family funeral business granted her solace from her relationship with her bullying brother", according to Variety.

Meanwhile, Robert Gilbert will portray new series of regular Yusuf, a former member of the army who will help Eve get revenge and also is her new lover.

Finally, Marie-Sophie Ferdane has a recurring role as Gunn, who is noted to have "more issues than Villanelle".

Killing Eve season 3 ending explained: who killed Kenny?

After Kenny's brutal death in the closing moments of the season opener, the central question at the heart of the show (and the topic of Carolyn's many bath meetings) had been: who killed Kenny?

Or rather, which member of shadowy crime organisation The Twelve ordered his death and made it look like suicide, after Kenny got too close to the truth?

Killing Eve - Kenny (Sean Delaney)
Sean Delaney in Killing Eve BBC/Sid Gentle

His death galvanised both Eve and Kenny's mother, secret service head Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), and the pair started an investigation with the help of Kenny's investigative journalism colleagues at Bitter Pill. Over in Russia, Villanelle was busy committing matricide - and slowly realising that she didn't want to work for The Twelve anymore, and would prefer to get out and work at MI6 (preferably while reigniting her will-they-won't-they romance with Eve).

Everything came to a head when Bitter Pill uncovered a video that showed Villanelle's former handler Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) with Kenny on the day he died - and showed it to Carolyn.

Carolyn called a meeting that saw Konstantin, Eve, Villanelle, and Carolyn's odious boss - and suspected The Twelve boss - Paul. Holding a gun (and demonstrating an astonishing level of marksmanship) she revealed that she knew her ex-lover Konstantin had ordered her son Kenny's death.

After holding a gun against his head, and listening stony-faced to his professions of love, she shot Paul instead and allowed Konstantin to leave.

Villanelle and Eve left together, before standing on London Bridge overlooking the Thames. After discussing how much Eve's life had changed since their meeting, Villanelle suggested they stand back-to-back and walk away from one another: "Don't look back" (a line that fans of French film Portrait of a Lady on Fire will find oddly familiar...).

But, of course, they both looked back, smiling at each other and silently acknowledging that neither is willing to let go.

Is this the final season of Killing Eve?

Yes, season 4 will be the last season of Killing Eve.

However, there's the possibility of a Killing Eve spin-off series, so fans don't have to mourn the loss of the show's beloved characters just yet (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“Killing Eve has been one of my greatest experiences and I look forward to diving back into Eve’s remarkable mind soon,” Sandra Oh said in a statement. “I’m so grateful for all cast and crew who have brought our story to life and to the fans who have joined us and will be back for our exciting and unpredictable fourth and final season.”

Will there be any Killing Eve spinoffs?

Yes, spinoffs are officially in development. Killing Eve may be concluding for good with season 4, but AMC Networks and Sid Gentle Films (which produces Killing Eve) are "working to develop potential spinoffs to extend the world created in the series", according to Variety. Little else is known about what these spinoffs might entail, so we'll keep you updated when we hear more.

Comer recently hinted at the possibility of an extended Killing Eve universe, but ruled out rumours of a film adaptation. Appearing on This Morning last year, the actress said: "I don't think [there will be a film]. I think they’re kind of keeping their options open, like who knows what the future holds. But for sure, the thing I will miss the most is not having to apologise – all the mischief I get away with, there’s something so fun about that."

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