Netflix's The Letter for the King is the latest in a long line of fantasy series attempting to plug the gap left by the conclusion of Game of Thrones last year - boasting similar production values but aiming for a younger audience than the mega HBO series.


And with only six episodes in the debut season - not to mention much of the nation currently stuck indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic - it's likely that fantasy fans will get through it fairly quickly.

So will we see another season? Here's what we know so far...

Will there be a second season of The Letter for the King?

There's no news on this front yet, but this is normal practice for Netflix: it's exceedingly rare for the streaming platform to renew its shows until at least a month after the first season has launched.

However it's by no means impossible that we'd see a second run - the book on which the series is based by Dutch author Tonke Dragt does have a sequel, The Secrets of the Wild Wood, which was released three years after the original.

Furthermore four of the show's stars - Amir Wilson, Ruby Serkis, Thaddea Graham and Gijs Blom - confirmed to that they would love to return for a second run.

We'll just have to wait and see if it's on the cards...

When could a second season of The Letter for the King be released on Netflix?

Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it's even tougher than usual to work out when we could expect to see a second season - but if one was to be commissioned we'd imagine it wouldn't be for another year at the very least.

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We'll keep you updated if we hear any new.

Who could be in the cast for a potential second season?

Andy Serkis in a Letter for the King

Much of the main cast would probably return in the event of a second series, with the exception of Jonah Lees, whose character Jussipo is killed off at the end of season one.

At the very least we'd certainly expect to see Amir Wilson and Ruby Serkis back for a second run if The Letter for the King was renewed.

Who knows, we could even see more of Andy Serkis, who made a cameo in the debut run...


The Letter for the King is streaming now on Netflix