Finding Alice season 2 release date: Cast, trailer and episodes

The darkly funny series starring Keeley Hawes is returning for a second season.

Finding Alice

Finding Alice season one, starring Keeley Hawes, ended on a cliffhanger with several questions left unanswered.


Luckily, it looks like we will find out what happened as ITV has officially recommissioned the drama for a second series.

Star Isabella Pappas (who plays Hawes’ on-screen daughter Charlotte) had already hinted at the possibility of a second instalment, stating that the dark comedy’s cliffhanger “gives us a beautiful opening for another season”.

Read on for everything you need to know about Finding Alice season two.

Finding Alice season 2 release date

CONFIRMED: Finding Alice will return for season two. ITV announced the series had been recommissioned in March 2021.

Unfortunately, filming for Finding Alice season two isn’t scheduled to start until February 2022, so it looks like we won’t get answers to that cliffhanger ending until next year at the earliest.

Executive Producer Nicola Shindler said: “I am delighted to be able to continue telling Alice’s very original story with Roger and Simon writing and Keeley Hawes back to explore the increasingly complicated life of Alice.”

Speaking about the ending, actress Isabella Pappas told “It’s good because it’s funny. It answers the questions that season one presents but then it gives us a beautiful opening for another season.”

She continued: “The thing that I find so interesting in terms of the writing is that you’ve got all these questions that you want answered. And then, when you finally get the answers in the last episode, something even bigger happens and you’re like, ‘Oh no. I want the answer to that now’. So all of these tiny answers kind of come together to create one bigger kind of question.”

Finding Alice season 2 plot

No plot details for the second series have been released yet, but we’ll update this page once we find out out more. Finding Alice was co-created by Keeley Hawes, Roger Golby and Simon Nye, who previously worked together on ITV series The Durrells.

Speaking to Radio Times, Hawes explained what inspired this latest collaboration: “It came out of lots of conversations. We loved working together – it was a great dynamic between the three of us. By series three, really, we had all made noises about how we’d love to develop something together.”

The series tells the darkly funny story about a woman, Alice, mourning the untimely death of her husband, and discovering that he had concealed multiple secrets from her, including: bankruptcy; the fact that he left the new family home to his parents; and a secret son.

Season one ended with the reveal that Alice’s husband Harry and his secret son George (George Webster) had a huge argument before he died and that there could be another set of love children yet to be discovered by Alice and daughter Charlotte.

We also learnt that George was spying on the mother and daughter, and seemed to have sinister motives behind getting in touch.

Finding Alice season 2 cast

Finding Alice
Finding Alice (ITV)

The second series will likely feature the same group of actors reprising their roles.

Producer Nicola Shindler said in a statement: “I am delighted to be able to continue telling Alice’s very original story with Roger and Simon writing and Keeley Hawes back to explore the increasingly complicated life of Alice.”

Keeley Hawes plays the titular character in the Finding Alice cast, while the starry cast also includes Joanna Lumley, Kenneth Cranham, George Webster, Nigel Havers, Jason Merrells, Gemma Jones and Sharon Rooney.

Lumley and Havers play Alice’s parents, and Alice’s husband Harry was played by Merrells.

Jones and Cranham play her in-laws (Harry’s parents), and Rooney plays Harry’s sister Nicola.

Alice and Harry’s teenage daughter is played by Isabella Pappas.


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