Season 3 of ITV's Grace starts this Sunday, with DS Grace and DS Branson back on another case in Brighton based on Peter James's novel Dead Like You.


This new season of the hit crime drama will adapt three of James's novels, with the other two being Dead Man's Grip and Not Dead Yet.

John Simm leads the cast once again as Roy Grace, while Richie Campbell is back as his partner Glenn Branson. Meanwhile, one new cast member this season is Sam Hoare, who takes on the role of Cassian Pewe, previously played by James D'Arcy.

But who else is in the main cast for the series and who do they all play? Read on for everything you need to know about the cast and characters in Grace.

John Simm plays DS Roy Grace

John Simm as DS Roy Grace.
John Simm as DS Roy Grace. ITV Studios

Who is DS Roy Grace? Brighton-based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is a methodical, "hard-working police officer who has given his life to the job". Several years ago his wife went missing, and since then he appears to have adopted more unorthodox methods in his work, even consulting with a medium in order to track down missing persons.

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Where have I seen John Simm before? Simm is probably best known for playing the Master in Doctor Who, and detective Sam Tyler in the acclaimed Life on Mars. Other projects have included Collateral, Strangers, Trauma, Cold Courage, and The Village alongside Maxine Peake.

Richie Campbell plays DS Glenn Branson

Richie Campbell as Glenn Branson
Richie Campbell as Glenn Branson ITV

Who is DS Glenn Branson? Glenn is Roy Grace's former protégée and partner. After getting shot at the end of Looking Good Dead he's been having troubles in his personal life, including his marriage.

Where have I seen Richie Campbell before? Campbell is known for playing Chris in Top Boy and Liam Sutcliffe in Liar. He also starred in BBC One anthology series Small Axe, playing Rothwell Kentish in the episode 'Mangrove'.

Craig Parkinson plays DS Norman Potting

Craig Parkinson as Norman Potting in Grace.
Craig Parkinson as Norman Potting. ITV

Who is DS Norman Potting? DS Potting is an old school cop who is occasionally a little too blunt and sometimes politically incorrect, but is steady, dependable and gets results.

Where have I seen Craig Parkinson before? Parkinson is perhaps best known for his role as DI Matthew Cottan on Line of Duty, but also appeared on Doctor Who in 2021 as the villainous Grand Serpent. He has also appeared in series such as Temple, Everything I Know About Love and The English Game.

Laura Elphinstone plays DS Bella Moy

Laura Elphinstone as DS Bella Moy in Grace
Laura Elphinstone as DS Bella Moy in Grace ITV Studios

Who is DS Bella Moy? DS Moy is sharp, clever and has great instincts. She looks after her ailing mother but keeps her personal life very private.

Where have I seen Laura Elphinstone before? You'll know her as Brandyce in Line of Duty, among various other roles in the likes of Military Wives, Des, Chernobyl and Game of Thrones.

Zoë Tapper plays Cleo Morey

Zoë Tapper as Cleo Morey.
Zoë Tapper as Cleo Morey. ITV

Who is Cleo Morey? Cleo is Senior Anatomical Pathology Technician at Brighton’s mortuary, and is in a relationship with Grace. She has a brilliant sense of humour, brims with confidence and is devoted to her work. She tries to give the dead victims who come through the mortuary halls back some of the dignity that was taken from them.

Where have I seen Zoë Tapper before? Tapper is best known for her roles in series such as Mr Selfridge and Liar. She also appeared in Netflix series The One and BBC's Rules of the Game.

Sam Hoare as ACC Cassian Pewe

Sam Hoare as Cassian Pewe in Grace
Sam Hoare as Cassian Pewe in Grace ITV Studios

Who is ACC Cassian Pewe? Cassian Pewe is Vosper's successor as ACC in Brighton, and he has a long-running feud with Grace.

Where have I seen Sam Hoare before? Hoare steps into the role previously played by James D'Arcy. He is known for previously appearing in series such as Miss Scarlet and the Duke, The Capture, Showtrial, Death in Paradise and Outlander.

Rakie Ayola plays ACC Alison Vosper

Rakie Ayola as ACC Vosper in Grace
Rakie Ayola as ACC Vosper in Grace ITV Studios

Who is ACC Alison Vosper? Assistant Chief Constable Vosper was appointed to a new role at the MET in London at the end of season 2, meaning in season 3 she is leaving her role in Brighton.

Where have I seen Rakie Ayola before? Ayola is known for her roles in Noughts + Crosses, Shetland, Brexit: The Uncivil War, The Pact, No Offence, and Michaela Coel's Netflix film Been So Long.

Grace season 3 starts airing at 8pm on Sunday 19th March on ITV1 and ITVX. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what’s on.

You can purchase the Peter James Roy Grace books being adapted for this season, including Dead Like You, Dead Man's Grip and Not Dead Yet on Amazon now.


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