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Meet the cast of ITV crime drama Grace

John Simm and Richie Campbell star in a brand new Brighton-based crime series.

John Simm in ITV's Grace

ITV crime drama Grace, adapted from the bestselling Roy Grace novels by Peter James, stars Life on Mars’ John Simm as the titular detective Roy Grace, a methodical but unorthodox copper.


The two-part drama (each episode lasting two hours) is adapted from the first two books in the Roy Grace series: Dead Simple and Looking Good Dead.

Simm leads the cast alongside the likes of Richie Campbell (Small Axe) and Rakie Ayola (Shetland).

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast and characters in Grace.

John Simm plays DS Roy Grace


Who is DS Roy Grace? Brighton-based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is a methodical, “hard-working police officer who has given his life to the job”. Several years ago his wife went missing, and since then he appears to have adopted more unorthodox methods in his work, even consulting with a medium (otherwise known as a clairvoyant) in order to track down missing persons.

As a result, he’s essentially been assigned desk duty, but that all changes when his old friend DS Glenn Branson manages to pull him onto a recent, fast-moving missing persons case.

Where have I seen John Simm before? He’s probably best known for playing the Master in Doctor Who, and detective Sam Tyler in the acclaimed Life on Mars. Other projects have included Collateral (as David Mars), Strangers, Trauma, Cold Courage, and The Village alongside Maxine Peake.

Richie Campbell plays DS Glenn Branson

Grace (John Simm) - ITV

Who is DS Glenn Branson? Roy Grace’s former protégée, he’s now a high-flying police detective with a stable home life. He worries about his old friend Grace, but finds his unorthodox methods laughable.

Where have I seen Richie Campbell before? He plays Chris in Top Boy, and Liam Sutcliffe in Liar. More recently he starred in BBC One anthology series Small Axe, playing Rothwell Kentish in the episode ‘Mangrove’.

Rakie Ayola plays ACC Alison Vosper


Who is ACC Alison Vosper? Assistant Chief Constable Vosper has been putting out fires ever since DS Roy Grace publicly admitted that he used a medium to track down a missing person – and she’s about done with his unapologetic attitude.

Where have I seen Rakie Ayola before? The actress is known for Noughts + Crosses (as Prime Minister Opal Folami), Shetland (as Olivia Lennox), Brexit: The Uncivil War, The Pact, No Offence (as Nora), and Michaela Coel’s Netflix film Been So Long.

Adrian Rawlins plays Harry Frame


Who is Harry Frame? A medium whom police detective Roy Grace has previously consulted.

Where have I seen Adrian Rawlins before? Harry Potter fans probably recognise him as James Potter, Harry’s dad, in the film franchise. He recently played William Cecil in A Discovery of Witches, and starred in Small Axe (as the Headmaster in “Education”), Trigonometry, Undergods, and Chernobyl.

Laura Elphinstone plays DS Moy


Who is DS Moy? A hard-working copper who works with DS Glenn Branson.

Where have I seen Laura Elphinstone before? You’ll know her as Brandyce in Line of Duty, among various other roles in the likes of Military Wives, Des, Chernobyl (as Oksana), and Game of Thrones.

Grace episode 1 cast

Alisha Bailey plays Ashley


Who is Ashley? A bride-to-be whose fiancée, Michael (Tom Weston-Jones), has gone missing on the night of his stag party. Ashley immediately strikes up a connection with Roy Grace, after they discuss how his own wife previously vanished, too.

Where have I seen Alisha Bailey before? She recently played Heather in Save Me, and has starred previously in the likes of Chewing Gum, Strike, I Give It A Year, and Call the Midwife.

Matt Stokoe plays Mark


Who is Mark? Michael’s business partner and best man. He was on a work trip during the stag party.

Where have I seen Matt Stokoe before? He played Gawain in the Netflix Arthurian series Cursed; James Read in the series Jamestown; and has starred in Bodyguard, Outlaw/King, The Village, Misfits and The Musketeers.

Maggie O’Neill plays Gill


Who is Gill? Michael’s mother.

Where have I seen Maggie O’Neil before? She played Suzy in EastEnders, and Sheila in the original series Shameless. She’s since starred in White Lines, Life, Father Brown, and The Split, among other projects.

Tom Weston-Jones plays Michael

Who is Michael? A wealthy property developer engaged to be married.

Where have I seen Tom Weston-Jones before? He’s known for Dickensian (in which he played Meriwether Compeyson), Copper, Warrior, and Not Safe For Work.

Grace premiered on ITV on Sunday 14th March at 8pm.


If you want to start reading Peter James’ Roy Grace series, you can purchase the first three novels on Amazon. If you want to find out more about the show, you can read about where Grace is filmed or have a look at our Grace episode 1 ending explainer. Looking for more to watch? Check out our TV Guide.