Well, the finale of The Capture season 2 has finally arrived.


The second season of the BBC One drama reached a horrifying cliffhanger in episode 5 where DCI Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger) was kidnapped by assailants in league with nefarious data analytics company Truro Analytics and CIA Section Chief Frank Napier (Ron Perlman).

It also appears that at the very least, DSU Gemma Garland (Lia Williams) is in league with Napier too, but why?

Meanwhile, Isaac Turner MP (Paapa Essiedu) had abandoned Carey to go along with the plan of Truro Analytics boss Gregory Knox (Joseph Arkley) who wants to eventually install him as Prime Minister. However, the fissure between Turner and his own family is only growing.

So, as the big finale finally arrived, would Correction be exposed or would Carey potentially come around to see its potential uses?

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Read on for the ending of The Capture season 2 explained and a full recap - but be warned: spoilers lie ahead.

The Capture season 2 episode 6 recap

Holliday Grainger as Rachel Carey in The Capture season 2
Holliday Grainger as DCI Rachel Carey in The Capture season 2. BBC/Heyday/NBC Universal

DCI Rachel Carey is taken with a bag over her head to a secure location and is then unmasked in a room with cameras, lights and audio being played from the evidence she has gathered on Correction. Carey is approached by CIA Section Chief Frank Napier who asks her if a person can change. Napier reveals that he never believed she had become a believer in Correction, and tells her that her getting out alive depends on what she has to say next.

At home, Isaac Turner is awoken by a call from Gregory Knox about how Home Secretary Rowan Gill (Andy Nyman) has fought back in the media and they are going to have to bring down the rival MP. Simone Turner (Charlie Murphy) overhears part of the conversation.

In the interrogation room, Napier cuts Carey out of her restraints and makes her read out a highlighted statement that notes she is aware she is under the legal jurisdiction of the United States of America and is bound by their laws. Carey notes his lack of respect for UK law. As Napier asks about the Russian suspect, Carey asks for a lawyer or DSU Garland - but is told that she is not there. Carey speaks about how so many people have died for Napier's plans and he grows angry, holding a weapon at her neck. He threatens her before the voice of Garland intervenes over the intercom.

At Truro Analytics's offices, Isaac listens as they plan to go on the offensive against Gill and speak against him publicly.

Paapa Essiedu as Isaac Turner MP in The Capture
Paapa Essiedu as Isaac Turner MP in The Capture. BBC/Heyday/NBC Universal

In the interrogation room, Garland sits with Carey and notes that her sister had failed to delete everything on the laptop, calling her both naive and treacherous. She also wants to know who else is involved in Carey’s plots.

Meanwhile, at the base of Operation Vanguard, DSU Tom Kendricks (Nigel Lindsay) approaches Commander Danny Hart (Ben Miles) for answers and reassurance about what they are doing.

In the interrogation room, Garland continues to question who is involved in Carey's plotting and suspects Khadija Khan (Indira Varma). Carey rips into Garland for her actions and says she needed insurance. Garland blames Carey for having fought back over a lack of immediate gratification, and the DSU says she was impressed with Carey as she realised Napier’s culpability before even Garland and others did. Carey is accused of squandering her potential by being a whistleblower where she could end up like Edward Snowden.

Garland offers Carey responsibilities if she can trust her and says she herself will replace the retiring Hart and hopes Carey in turn will replace her. Carey points out Garland’s complicity in aiding Knox but is told they are not protecting him and are actually working to stop him. However, Carey notes that Napier has been helping Knox and innocent people have died. Garland responds by saying that she has saved Carey’s life.

Napier meets on a rooftop with Knox who hands him a portable hard drive that he will only provide him with access to it if he finishes what they have started.

At the Home Office, an upset Simone Turner visits Aliza Clark (Natalie Dew) for answers.

Holliday Grainger as Rachel Carey and Lia Williams as DSU Gemma Garland in The Capture season 2
Holliday Grainger as Rachel Carey and Lia Williams as DSU Gemma Garland. BBC/Heyday/NBC Universal

In the CIA section control room, Garland shows Carey a deepfake of Carey "accepting" the safe passage to and protection from the Russian Federation. They then show a Carey regretting her "betrayal" as Garland notes that Carey can’t win.

At a football pitch photo opportunity for Isaac, Simone visits and reveals that she spoke with Aliza. Simone asks why the Home Office obstructed Victoria Bello's application if her claims weren’t true. Simone is clearly suspicious that Isaac cheated on her and asks him to swear on the children that it’s not true. Isaac does and Simone asks if he didn’t submit a sample for the paternity test, and he then confirms the one discussed on the news was faked. Simone notes that he previously said that she "can’t trust the news" and also questions the inconsistencies between what is fake and what isn’t. Isaac tells her to drop it and stop questioning things, but she notes that Isaac hadn’t sworn that nothing had happened with Victoria Bello - just that the child wasn’t his. Simone believes she knows the truth: Isaac cheated on her and that condoms aren’t 100 per cent protection from unwanted pregnancy. A tearful Simone leaves.

In the CIA section HQ, Carey reveals to Garland and Hart that Isaac and Khadija were her allies in exposing Correction, and says that the latter has no evidence. Carey also notes that she has SD card copies of her evidence beneath the radio of her car.
Garland calls the political editor Anthony Reed at the BBC for a favour.

Ben Miles as Commander Danny Hart in The Capture
Ben Miles as Commander Danny Hart in The Capture. BBC/Heyday/NBC Universal

Carey asks Hart about his retirement, but he just asks her to provide a statement about Operation Vanguard that backs up the narrative that the assailant was a Russian national planning to kill Gregory Knox, but she and the armed forces intervened. The fallout from Moscow is considered worth it as they’ll deny it but not disprove it. Carey is being forced to protect Frank Napier and Gregory Knox, but wants to know why.

Napier returns and wants access to the drive that Knox gave him. Under orders from Garland, Napier begrudgingly is ordered to divulge the situation to Carey. Knox is revealed to have granted Napier access to the Truro Analytics algorithm to predict human behaviour - but will only give him the code once everyone is suspecting the East of Truro's crimes. Carey signs her declaration of events and Garland notes this is a landmark moment for global security - but Carey says it is not for democracy. Garland says she has already said they can turn a situation to their advantage and reveals that she and Carey will be stepping out as they need to stop Knox from planting a politician who answers to Big Tech.

Isaac and Rhys arrive at Truro Analytics, and Isaac angrily reveals that Simone will leave him. Knox notes that it was partly predicted by the algorithm. Isaac is angered that he will lose his family for the sake of his career advancement, and part of the electorate perceive his marriage as strategic. Knox explains that his job is to get Isaac in power and he can make changes when he’s there. Rhys reveals that Isaac has secured a primetime interview on BBC One at 8pm on Newsnight, as offered by Anthony Reed. Isaac asks Knox about Victoria’s son and if the boy is his. Knox answers that he has no idea.

At Broadcasting House, Garland and Carey arrive to speak with Khadija Khan, with Garland blaming the Correction exposure situation on Carey’s mental health. Garland reveals that Anthony Reed has a relationship with British Intelligence but offers a similar relationship with Khan: in return for help with national security, she can have access to exclusive and rich information from the security services. Khan agrees to help them with an "operational goal".

Indira Varma as Khadija Khan in The Capture.
Indira Varma as Khadija Khan in The Capture. BBC/Heyday/NBC Universal

Speaking to the media, Hart announces the identity of DS Patrick Flynn’s killer and the identity of him as Nikolai Mersky. The placing of blame on the Russian Federation prompts Knox to deliver the code to Napier.

In a graveyard, Patrick is buried with Carey, Garland and DI Nadia Latif (Ginny Holder) in attendance. Latif leaves without talking to Carey. Yvonne, Patrick’s wife, approaches Carey and asks about the death of Patrick’s killer and Carey confirms that she was there when he was killed. Yvonne thanks her. Kendricks asks Carey to the pub to be celebrated as a "hero" of Operation Vanguard.

Later, Isaac arrives home to his empty house with Simone and the children now gone.

Carey returns home to her own flat, which remains under surveillance, and answers the phone to her sister Abi who asks about the laptop. Carey tells her that she did it all just right.

The day of Isaac’s interview on Newsnight arrives. Rhys goes over the plan for Isaac to scapegoat Home Secretary Rowan Gill, while Anthony Reed runs late. Napier and Garland’s team take over the feed for the interview and prepare to insert the deepfake of Isaac. Khadija Khan arrives in the place of Anthony to take over the interview. Isaac storms out after she arrives as he’s not willing to do the interview with her.

Despite Isaac fleeing, the interview continues regardless as planned, with Khadija interviewing the deepfake. Isaac calls Knox and reveals he has pulled the interview over Khadija's involvement - but Knox notes that Isaac is still on Newsnight. Simone watches from her mother’s home while an angry Gill watches from his office.

Gregory Knox (Joseph Arkley) in The Capture
Gregory Knox (Joseph Arkley) in The Capture. BBC/Heyday/NBC Universal

The Isaac deepfake interview keeps going on Newsnight as the real Isaac realises what’s going on, prompting Knox to hang up. Isaac tried to get his taxi to turn around but the driver won’t respond to him.

In the interview, the Isaac deepfake calls out Big Tech as a threat to national security. This Isaac talks about data harvesting and the meddling by analytics companies in elections, referendums and politics generally. Knox calls Napier furiously. The deepfake Isaac notes that British nationals found colluding with foreign powers to interfere in British politics is treason. Knox begins to flee and is spotted by the authorities on CCTV. Napier jokes that he’s likely heading out of the country, guessing to Ecuador.

Napier then gets a call from his doctor noting that his cancer has entirely cleared up and that it is very unusual. Napier asks his doctor where he gets his scans from and learns that they are sent electronically - implying that the previous scans were fabricated.

Garland notes how satisfying this is for Carey and how it shows how good can be done by Correction. Napier returns and his suspicion of manipulation by Garland goes unsaid until he begins acting furiously. Napier calls her for faking his cancer diagnosis due to her wanting to take control of his operation, but Garland confirms that something had to be done after the "s*** show" that he made of it. As Garland and Napier argue over her actions and his failures, Carey overrides the interview with a new script that exposes the existence of deepfake use by the British intelligence services.

Indira Varma as Khadija Khan in The Capture.
Indira Varma as Khadija Khan in The Capture. BBC/Heyday/NBC Universal

Khadija does not respond to Garland’s demands to halt the interview and Napier deduces that she is on it. Carey notes that they should not shut it down or else it will add credence to what is only a "conspiracy theory" by a rogue politician, which Napier agrees with. The deepfake Isaac then explicitly defines Correction on-camera.

Garland, aware that a smirking Carey is responsible, attempts to place her under arrest for breaching the Official Secrets Act. Carey notes that they are in the jurisdiction of the US government and that Garland has no authority there, while Napier refuses to back up Garland as the US government is not implicated and he won’t arrest Carey who then leaves the room. A furious Garland leaves to chase after Carey and notes when she leaves the building that she is eligible for arrest, but Carey says that they all are. Garland tells Carey that she does not realise what she has done, but Carey responds that she knows Patrick Flynn hated Correction.

In the interview, the deepfake Isaac exposes everything that the Correction operation put the real Isaac through and explains what has occurred. Simone is seen watching with her and Isaac's children at home.

On her way out, Carey comes across Hart who comments that she was always destined for greatness. She tells him to go and watch the interview, as he’s missing the best bit.

The deepfake Isaac comments that we should question everything we see and how real it is, including this live broadcast. The deepfake Isaac notes that he may not be the real Isaac Turner - and we then see that the feed is being controlled by Kendricks from a van of colleagues in league with Carey. The deepfake of Isaac then begins to glitch as he is exposed as a digital rendering.

The real Isaac is watching and we see that his taxi driver is revealed to be DI Nadia Latif - who has been in league with Carey.

Paapa Essiedu as Isaac Turner MP in The Capture
Paapa Essiedu as Isaac Turner MP in The Capture. BBC/Heyday/NBC Universal

The deepfake Isaac points out that the real Isaac Turner is in Piccadilly Circus right now, and as he steps out in Piccadilly Circus he is cheered.

Through flashbacks, we can see that Kendricks and Latif had aligned with Carey to expose Correction with Khadija Khan through the Deepfake interview. The team of whistleblowers had revealed everything, including through Abi correctly copying Rachel’s evidence from her laptop to a drive that she then delivered to Khadija.

Khadija then tells the audience watching Newsnight that the show will deliver reports with all of the evidence obtained by the BBC and confirm who is responsible for Correction in the coming days.

In Piccadilly Circus, Carey walks the street and shares a wry smile with the real Isaac Turner before the episode ends with a pensive look on the detective's face.

The Capture season 2 ending explained

Holliday Grainger as Rachel Carey in The Capture season 2
Holliday Grainger as DCI Rachel Carey in The Capture season 2's final scene. BBC/Heyday/NBC Universal

Well, it looks like the end for Correction - at least for now. The finale gave us all the answers we were seeking across season 2.

Truro Analytics, led by Gregory Knox, had been responsible for the conspiracy to destroy Isaac Turner MP, but all with the goal of following their own algorithm to make him the most universally-appealing politician. They then hoped to bring about his rise to the highest of political offices in the country: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Despite the personal cost, Isaac eventually agreed to go along with the plan in a bid for power.

In the process, we eventually learned that the story of Isaac impregnating Victoria Bello when he was outside of the country probably was true, while Home Secretary Rowan Gill had helped stifle her plan to enter the country out of political desire himself.

The CIA section led by Frank Napier had aided in covering up Knox's activity, but all with the goal of allowing US company Clearhorizons AI to win the UK government security contract, with Truro Analytics providing the CIA with their predictive algorithm which the CIA could use for its own ends.

To get knowledge of this project, DSU Gemma Garland of the Correction programme in the UK manipulated Napier's health records to convince him he was dying of cancer and allowed her to become his confidante and get access to the CIA plan, where she could confirm Napier's involvement in hacking the BBC and the UK's security services. It also allowed Garland to help direct the plan in the interest of the Correction programme in the UK and, in her mind, UK security.

Some of the media tampering and murders were being pinned on a mercenary that could be blamed as being an agent of the Russian Federation.

Ultimately, however, none of them were a match for DCI Rachel Carey, who successfully managed to squirrel away the evidence about Correction, its use both at home and abroad, what had been done to Isaac Turner, and highlight how the media was being tampered with by both Big Tech and the security services.

Holliday Grainger and Paapa Essiedu in The Capture season 2
Paapa Essiedu (left and right) and Holliday Grainger (centre) in The Capture season 2. BBC/Heyday/Universal International Studios

At some point during the events in the final episode, Carey also managed to get her peers DSU Tom Kendricks and DI Nadia Latif on board, using Correction to help expose its use on a mass scale.

It seems Isaac Turner will benefit from the exposure too as he appears to have had his innocence of some of his recent actions exposed, while justice has also been served in getting revenge on who killed DI Patrick Flynn after he tried to protect Gregory Knox (unaware of his complicity).

Khadija Khan will also continue to expose the practice of Correction on Newsnight, suggesting that those in the UK security services - namely Garland and Hart - will be outed, along with Napier and the CIA.

Where do DCI Rachel Carey and The Capture as a series go from here? Correction has been exposed, but the potential misuse of such technology will likely still linger and there will likely be chilling new avenues that the show could go down in a potential third season.

We will have to wait and see. Either way, seeing is deceiving.

The Capture airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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