Aidan Turner: “I don’t feed it – I could easily get addicted to Googling myself”

Poldark's hero is the man of the moment - but life is business as usual

Poldark has turned Aidan Turner into a bona fide star – even his hair now has its own Twitter account. Yet the 31-year-old Irish actor is determined not to let his newfound heartthrob status go to his head.


“I don’t read any press,” he says in this week’s edition of Radio Times magazine. “I make it a thing. The odd time I might drop into the Mammoth offices [Poldark’s production company] in London, they might show me a column or something to make me laugh.

“But I don’t feed it, you know. I think I could easily get addicted to Googling myself if I did start doing it, so I just stay out of that entirely. It’s better not to know, sometimes.”

Turner insists he’s not mobbed in the street in his hometown of Dublin and life is just business as usual.

“I just get on with it, you know. I’m still working, reading scripts and meeting people. When you’re on TV you might get stopped in the street the odd time, but I suppose it’s how you handle it yourself. If you want your life to change, it can change, but if you don’t want it to change there are ways you can hold on to all of those things that matter.”


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